Someone vandalized my smoker!

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Original poster
Mar 11, 2007
North Dakota
Came home one night this week and the dumpster in my yard was overturned and I noticed that my smoker (MES) was out of place and the door was open. I closed the door and latched it and noticed that the hinges were bent like someone tried to rip the door off. I had it a little over 2 weeks. I called Masterbuilt and can get a new door for $30.

I think some neighbor was jealous of good food I was making and how wonderful I made neighborhood smell.
That's really horrible mcoppin. Probably some rotten teenagers. They seem to have gotten really miserable about distroying stuff for no reason.

Just goes to show if you leave something out, some SOB is gonna screw with it. Mean people suck.

Hope you can the the MES back to work soon.. sorry that some people don't have enough sense to leave other people's stuff alone.

Keep Smokin
down right nasty.....seems to me maybe you need to introduce ol' mister 12 guage to the neighborhood as well as the smoker :)
oh yes, the guitars rate pretty darn high on that list as well

even thou my backyard is pretty much not accessable to anyone unless they really want to die......I still don't leave my smoker out, it's only out there while smoking.....then when done, she comes inside to be safe!!!!! hope you get your mes up and running very soon
I don't know that one, but it has to be similar to what happens when you play a country music song backwards.

He gets his dog back, girl back and his truck back.

Oh, and in some songs his mom doesn't go to prison.
That kinda stuff rarely happens in my "neighborhood" for two reasons. Common sense laws and total support for the second ammendment! Only dumbasses mess with folks in these parts. Sooner or later they get caught. And sooner or later they pay!

The truck is paid for, I won this buckle, I was just trying to help the sheep over the fence..? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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