Somebody Please help Me

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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
This is just not right, it goes against everything American (Smokin And Beer Drinkin) I have been on my hands and knees the last two days laying new tile in one of our bathrooms and have one to go, The problem lays in that fact that my wife won't let me get my new GOSM till I finish. I should be Smokin on it this weekend but I won't have the other one done till the middle of next week. I have already out new light fixtures,mirrors, counter tops, medicine cabinets, sinks, faucets and also painted them. I think I qualify for it this weekend but she says not until she's walking on new floor. Well, back to work or theres no hope for me
Hawk, it's fairly obvious as to who wears the pants around your place. And if I want my wife to know I said that, I'll tell her myself.
Boy I'm glad I don't have that problem. I still have to finish my ONLY bathroom I started in December! It's got walls and the potty and shower work but I still haven't run power to the tub motor and heater, or sanded the walls for paint or put down the tiles - kind of liking that green drywall color!
Lord, she's gettin pretty uppity! I think you should cart her down to the motel 6 for a few days, she would be walking on a new(to her) floor, wouldn't she! Then, on the way home, stop and get your new smoker and more beer. Better not to rush a project like the bathroom, better to give it much thought over a full smoker and a cold beer. That way, you don't get in a hurry and make mistakes. Terry
Well I have just quit for the day, can't be on my knees more then about 3hrs even with gel filled kneepads because I need a knee replacement. My wifes not really that mean, she has put up with me for 38yrs
I do need some advise though, I'm getting a GOSM for doing the bathrooms, next I going to
put down hardwood floors in the dinning room, living room, entrance hallway
and the hallway back to the bedrooms. What do you think I should ask for for doing that
I'll lend you my car, it's a thief you know, remember the thermometer deal? In fact, I'm going to WalMart this afternoon, hope it steals a GOSM wide body gasser for me

Hardwood you say, an all expense trip to the local BBQ Store!
Hmmmmmmmmm seems to me it should be a lifetime supply of whatever type meats you want to smoke and whatever type smoker you wish to own
go get the GOSM today , hell you need time to season it anyways !!
ACK!!! And from another aviator as well! I have been remodeling our kitchen for the past six months and being as that I know a bit too much about rock and stonework, I'm in the same boat. She complains whenever I try to sneak some time in to smoke something. Doesn't stop her from eating it though. A mosaic back splash is my present minuses, and I want to smoke this weekend too! Probably rain like bloody hell anyway..... But I feel your pain brother.
Just noticed your sig, Navion is a fine aircraft. been years since I've saw one.
there were quite a few at Oskosh when I was there in 95, if you've never had a chance to go it is truly amazing.
I have had no luck in training my car, I was at Wally-World this morning, and it didn't bring home anything.
Thanks Blackhawlk, I couldn't agree more. Being the idiot that I am, I sold 8874H six years ago because I moved to Texas and it was just getting so damned expensive to maintain, fuel, hanger and insure. Wish I had never done that now. I flew that 47 Navion for 15 years, Alaska to Florida. I sure miss it allot now. I've threatened to make it to Oshkosh every year for the past thirty or so and here I am working for this damned airline and missing it yet again. Next year for sure! Like I haven't said that at least 29 times now.......
I'm in a somewhat similiar position Blackhawk19. I can't get my GOSM Big Block until we move, she doesn't want to pack that thing up, only to unpack it again. What's I guy to do, butt chew...
Great News, since I sliced off the side of my thumb last Thursday cutting the last piece of tile for bathroom #1( no I didn't do it on purpose) and can't lay anymore tile to it heals Mrs Blackhawk says I can go ahead and get my GOSM
Of course I did have to sign a promissory note as to when I would finish bathroom #2
I'm going to get it Thrusday. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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