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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by smokerrookie, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Recently I made some upgrades to my smoker....Here they are, let me know what ya think....Now I'm not finished yet, still have a gauge or two to get, and Have to make or buy some racks for my warmer. Other than that, its done.

    This is what it originally looked like

    Then became this...

    Now it looks like this

    My Lights used to be here, but they melted so I moved them to.....

    Now they are on the side
  4. Come on guys, no comments? Suggestions?
  5. smokeguy

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    Looks fantastic. Nice shots showing how much work you've done to it. Good tip about putting the lights where they don't melt too. Points for the play-by-play. [​IMG]

    My suggestion now is to get a great big lock and put it on there asap.
  6. txbbqman

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    Nice Looking rig you got there, I don't think I would change anything
  7. Wow did alot of work. Looks great too. May I suggest one little thing.......Throw some meat in the puppy and stroke the fire! [​IMG] Really...nice job man. How many hrs labor do you have in it and did you do all the welding?

  8. I live out in the middle of no where, in a county of 5,000 people, so not to much worry about it getting the tires are flat as can be right now, I have to air them up every time i want to take it somewhere and had to pump them up every couple of hours.
  9. darrin

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    Very nice work!
  10. SWEET remodeling job!! I could use that for my DAYTONA party!!
  11. I'm gonna do just that in about two weeks if its warm enough.....gotta re-season it first. But if its as warm in northern TN as it is right now (70 today) I'm gonna load it up and bbq some meat for all the people who helped me.... I'm heading to a tractor pull with my friends this upcoming weekend in Louisville and to get a turkey fryer, some cast iron cookware, and a digital thermometer. Probably gonna smoke in it weekend after next, while me and my friends finish the racks for the warmer. Me and one of my friends welded all of the modifications....his uncle did all the original welds, well him and another one of my friends. But me and my friend Steven learned how to weld, so we did all the mods ourself. All the mods took 5 whole days stretched over 3 weekends. the original work took us from october 07 to may 08, of course their where weekends we didn't work, and weekends we drank more beer than we got anything done.
  12. em21701

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    The mods look fantastic with one possible exception. That appears to be pressure treated lumber on your shelf. If it is not then please ignore this section. It is unwise to use PT lumber where you put your food. I'm not saying that you will be putting it intentionally on the wood, but it will happen. You should replace it with untreated wood coated with water based polyurethane, or expanded steel. I don't want to see anyone get sick.

    With that said I'm considering a warmer box on my upcoming build. Have you tested it out yet? I'd like to know what kind of temps you can get in there. My intentions are to make a rig similar to yours. I'm in the collecting parts phase.
  13. azrocker

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    Smokin Smoker
  14. LOL, We live and learn.

    Great lookin cooker there! Is there a damper from the firebox directly into the warmer box.
  15. Yeah, their is a whole in the top of the firebox that goes to the warmer, i have a homemade damper on it, were I can make it a warmer, or turn it into another section to my smoker.

    Yeah Its pressure treated wood, I don't let any meat, cooked or uncooked touch any sort of wood. Too much to worry about with people getting sick....I always have a pan sat on top of it when I'm cooking. Its more or less there to hold my pans and pots.

    I just got my warmer done saturday, and sunday i had to worry about fixing a busted water pipe in my basement. I'm not gonna get to this weekend either....I've gotta order another temp gauge and I still have to make the racks for it....we ran out of square tubing making the new rack for the smoker. I'll let you know it a couple of weeks when I try it out.
  16. graybeard

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    I'll bet you can find some good wheels and tires for cheap!
    Keep on Smokin!

  17. I'm gonna look for some good used ones at my local tire shop...maybe I'll find a couple.

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