smoking some loins, need some help.

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Dec 19, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
just put some loins in the fridge with a dry rub on them, 1st question is will it be alright if i only let them sit for 5 hours and 2nd, what kind of temperature and how often should i add chips for smoke? (i am using a MES 30) thanks in advance.

Overnight would be better,but 5 hours will work. I would smoke at 225-240 untill the internal temp is 160-163,wrap with foil good  and a towel,place in a cooler for anhour or so then pull and slice.Chips burn pretty fast so its like 30 min to hour for my mes.Good luck and lets see a finished qview!!!!!
However long the rub is on, it'll be good!  some folks rub and put it right in the smoke, I've done that and I've left some in rub for up to a few days.   There's lots of mes users and posts here that can help you with the chip question.  I have a cse; I set it @ 225, with 3-4 oz. of chips, depending on the amount of meat and type of chips. I might need to add chips if I start with 2 oz, but I can often go the whole smoke without adding any.  It's not hard to keep an eye on the smoke-like some say, if you can smell it, it's smoking.
thanks guys/gals, ran out of time to do it tonight so it looks like they are gonna sit for about a day. i will get them started tom. night when i get home from work and will def. let you guys see the finished product.

appreciate the help.
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well here we go, just started them. i set my temp to 180 and am gonna run the temp up to 160 internal.(a guy told me to try this and cook it longer instead of going with the 225 temp and shorter cooking time.) hopefully it works. here are some pics.


I hate to disagree with "the guy" but raise the smoker temp up to 225 according to Food Safety guidelines you need to get the internal temp of the meat from 41-135 in under 4 hours and at a smoker temp of 180 you may or may not reach that at 225 you should have no trouble doing it is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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