Smoking Fatties for our 4/20 Wedding

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by emmilou23, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. My fiance and I have tried the SMF recipe for smoking a fatty and they are amazing.  Now he wants to do this for our wedding buffet as well. 

    My question is:  Can you make in advance and re-warm them and still get good results? 

    I don't want to serve something that isn't that great.  I want people to enjoy every bite as we have when made and ate on the spot, but I can't smoke them on the day least not ALL of them.  I think I will need to make at least 20 of them for a crowd of 100.  I will also have other food items available..we are doing an hor'dourves and dessert buffet.
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    When and where [​IMG]  sounds like a great time...just kidding.

    First off CONGRATS,  They are still just as good warmed up[​IMG]
  3. Thanks!  We love them, but don't usually have much for leftovers!  It should be a hell of a party...doing it Vegas style!  :)
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    Fatties are very easy to make then reheat! If you make them the day before just refrigerate them & then put them into a 350 degree oven for a few minutes to warm them back up & get the bacon crispy again.

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    Sounds like my type of wedding. Fatties and a open bar. When do we get our invites?? Heck I'll bring a fattie for a wedding
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    Congrats Emmilou. Like Al said they are easily reheated. Sounds like a fun time.  
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    The only issue I have with warming them up is the bacon is all soft which I don't care for but if you crisp them up in the oven like Al said that should take care of that.
  8. Thank you to everyone for the info!!!!  We are currently prepping fatties and will be smoking up a frenzy this weekend and every weekend from now through the wedding!!  I have 10 started and plan to make another 20 of them as well! 
  9. Congrats Emmilou! I'll bet it will be a grand time and wonderful food! Have an awesome day! As for the the oven works well.
  10. Thanks for the info!  We will be reheating in the oven then transferring the chafing pans and keeping them "warm" that way.  I plan on them being flavorful enough that if they aren't SUPER hot they will still taste awesome!!!
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    Smokin fatties....420....Sounds like a GREAT time
  12. I agree reheat in oven works great I make a couple and freeze 1 and it's almost as good as made fresh
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    uh huh :)
  14. I'm surprised it took 11 posts before someone said it. haha.

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