Smoking 4 butts, q-view in progress

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  1. This is my 5th and biggest smoke.  I have 4 butts weighing a total of 32 pounds.  I tried 2 different rub recipes, so 2 butts are rubbed with a sweet (brown sugar based) and 2 are rubbed with heat (cayenne and chipotle based).  Got some people coming over tomorrow and I like having plenty of leftovers.  A few pounds of meat is going to be given to a co-worker whose baby is in the hospital and they are there eating cafeteria or fast food every day.  I don't know how much time doubling my normal amount of meat is going to add, so I played it safe and got the meat on the smoker by 9:30 or so tonight.  It's looking good now (2:00am) and I've rotated it around once.  Tomorrow, I will throw some of my bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalepenos on.

    Rubbed and ready (heat on left, sweet on right)


    Sitting at the sweet spot

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  2. Already up to 160.  Had a storm pass through and I hung a tarp over the smoker to keep it from losing temp.  

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    Hail, morning....  Isn't it amazing what you go through to make good Q.... up at all hours... fight mother nature....   All in the name on GREAT-Q !!!!!!   

    Hail, another die hard smoker.....  Thanks for the update.....  And it looks good.......... Dave
  4. Right before dawn, we had a bigger storm come through.  My tarp was sagging, so I was out there propping it up to keep the water from collecting in the middle when it started hailing.  I stood under the tarp holding it up while lightning flashed, thunder roared and ice and rain was pelting down from the sky, protecting my bbq!  I had a vision of my funeral where people were eating the BBQ I had died making [​IMG]
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    Looks like a good start and sounds like you are having some fun keeping the smoker going.  Funny this is happening to a guy with the name Hail - just sayin
  6. The weather cleared up around 8 this morning and it has been a beautiful day since. Pulled my first butt off to make room for some bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed jalepenos. I sampled a piece of the bark and it was out of this world.  This was the heat rub, but there is just a tiny hint of pepper, I'll probably bump up the cayenne next time.  [​IMG]
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    Hahahah yeah....NO  one knows what we go through to cook the stuff ONLY that its great and they want more. There sleeping, were out in the rain,cold,windy weather..UP ALL night..what sacrifices we make so they can say "Wow thats good stuff anymore??"

    We have lost our minds ahahahahaahahah
  8. I didn't get a full picture of the pulled pork because everyone attacked it as soon as it was done.  I actually liked the sweet rub better than the heat.  I'm going to be eating BBQ for a week, which is no problem [​IMG]

    Mr. 500, they don't realize what we go through.  I make sure to remind them every chance I get.
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    Man, I totally sympathize.  Living in Seattle, you gotta be able to take some nasty weather at 2am.  My wife thinks I'm crazy but loves the Q.

    I've only ever used sweet rubs, but just mixed up a chili powder/chipotle mix.  I haven't had a chance to use it on butts yet, but it smells amazing in the jar.  Yer butt looks good!
  10. I was so tired and ready to eat last night that I only pulled 1 1/2 shoulders.  Tonight, I stuck the unpulled meat in the oven at 250 for a couple of hours and just pulled it.  Snapped a pic of 2 shoulders pulled in the pan.  Notice I left some big hunks because I like it that way sometimes.  1/2 of a shoulder got put up for my co-worker and the other half is in a smaller container in the fridge.  We have a lot of bbq to eat!


    Here's my dog, Pepper, asking if there are anymore pieces of fat or scraps to eat.  She is a certified BBQ lover

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    It looks yummy thanks for posting it.

    it is a cute dog 
  12. Very nice!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    That's some nice lookin' PP!  Pulled Pork is still my favorite thing to eat, so having left overs is a must at my house!  What kind of rig are you smoking on?
  14. Just a cheap Walmart Char-Broil offset firebox that I pulled the original thermometer and installed a more accurate one.  I've had it almost a year and it's served me well, but I admit I have been browsing on Lang's site a few times.  
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    Yea, my buddy just got a Lang 36" last year, he loves it!
  16. I've been talking them up to my wife and finally mentioned the price yesterday.  She didn't believe me at first.  I explained that it would last a long time compared to the cheaper ones.  She will eventually come around :)
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    In my house it's referred to as the "Garden Hose Argument", my wife used to buy these horrible garden hoses that cost like 8.00 a piece and they would rot and go to sh*t on her in less than 3 months, this went of for several years until I bought her a nice, 40.00 garden hose, she didn't think it was right to spend that kind of money on a garden hose until I explained to her that she had spent close to the same amount on 4 terrible garden hoses.

    So now, anytime I'm in a situation like yourself, I just mention the garden hose argument :)
  18. That's some great looking PP and the dog is a cutie too! Congrats on surviving the elements and producing some outstanding Q! We've got snow here today!
  19. My wife uses the same argument when she's buying a $300 Coach purse, so I will get my Lang at some point.  We are currently putting in a pool, so extraneous spending is being frowned upon by both of us.
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    Beautiful work on the pulled pork, I bet Pepper gets her share! Outstanding work!

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