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  1. Tried smoking some cheese in the smokin-it #2 usng the a-maze-n tray with pellets. Not sure why but I couldn't keep the pellets in the a-maze-n burning. After lighting it up for the third time, I moved it to my weber kettle and it stayed lit. I'm guess it wasn't getting enough air?
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    I use Steve's cold smoking plate. Set unit to 170, put plate in lowest position, add bowl of ice on plate...TADA...smoked cheese.

    Works well with sausage too.

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    With the cold smoke plate for cheese, I use the same setup as Mark4mn, but only let the element be on for 20 minutes, and then let it set for 40 minutes with no element on.  With the cold smoke plate in place, the temp sensor doesn't know the element is "on," so it doesn't know to turn it "off" at the right temp.  Short doses will keep plenty of smoke in the box, and not burn your element out.  I usually do 2-3 cycles of on/off.  There's some good Youtube vids of smoking cheese in smokers like ours.
  4. I am smoking a 10lb turkey in my #1 for Thanksgiving. What is a good wood for turkey? I don't want anything to over powering, but something with a mellow smoky flavor. Also, what is the best temp and time for this bird? Thanks for any help everyone.
  5. Yea I'm not sure what the trouble was with the a-maze-n i've read plenty of people doing the same thing. Just wonder if the pellets i got were the problem.
  6. I like Pecan on my birds. It's mellow and adds a great nutty flavor, also doesn't darken the bird/skin as much as say apple wood.

    I would do it at 250* until it hits about 150 IT, then if you can try to finish to 160 IT on a grill to crisp up the skin. Then wrap in foil and let it carry over cook on the counter. Not sure how long it will take.
  7. Doing a 11 pound shoulder tonight in my number 3 for tomorrows dinner

    Its supposed to get into the low 30s tonight hope it can keep up
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    Hey, a newbie here!  What Smokin-It model would folks recommend?  #1 #2 #3?
  9. You will find your answer in the preceding 35 pages of this thread. Many very knowledgeable people have contributed greatly and although some of them have drifted a little off-topic there is an abundance of information in this thread. Which size to buy is discussed thoroughly. I know this because I spent most of the day yesterday reading this entire thread.

    Most people seem to think you should buy the largest one that your suits your budget! My preference will probably be the smallest smokin-it, #1 but I am an empty Nester that doesn't do a lot of entertaining and also live in a condominium...

    Again, time permitting read this thread as it is very informative.

  10. Hey newbie. This thread has all the info that you need to answer that question. Enjoy, lol... Most seem to think that you should buy as large as your bank account allows but a lot depends on your life style and needs.
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    Sorry for delayed response.  I hadn't had a chance to try anything different so nothing to update.  I think I'm in good shape.  I believe the primary culprit was the pan that I had in there.  it must've been blocking significant heat from getting above it.  Now, with nothing in the smoker, it fluctuates around the desired/dialed in temp.  I still scratch my head a bit, as I put a temp gauge under the pan, which by this thinking should've read a much higher temp than the gauge above the pan, and it read just about the same.  Oh well. 

    By the way, Steve (owner of Smokin It) also gave me this idea to adjust the temp dial.  I figured I'd post in case someone is having issues either going way over or under temp.  Good to know and have in this thread.  Thanks everyone for your posts/thoughts.

    "You can adjust the temp settings up or down somewhat,  here is what to do:

    Remove the thin cap off the black temperature control knob by using a thin screw driver

    Now remove the black control knob  from the smoker by lifting straight up

    The black control has a knurled center part that you can push out by using a flat head screw driver.  Please note that this part has a small arrow indicator on it to show its current position before you remove it.   By rotating this part to the right or counter clockwise it will increase the temps.   I suggest starting with moving it around 90 degrees and placing it back into the knob

    Now place the black control knob back on the smoker and you can check the temp to see how close to the set point it is.  No need to replace the top thin cap until you have it adjusted to your liking."
  12. Well I joined this club with a #2 back in July. I just did my 12th smoke day. I did my first whole bisket. I rubbed 24 hours, and smoked it in a broiler tray so I could keep all the good juices. Started at midnight to have it ready at 5 the next day for dinner. 7 hours of Hickory, Pecan, and a little Mesquite. I wrapped it up at the 10 hour mark and let it go another 3 hours to come to temp. Then I put it in the oven that I heated to 150 and turned off to let it rest for 2 hours. I left it wrapped up to contain the juices while it rested. The only thing it was missing is the bark ring because the electric smoker does not do that well, but it was better than Most I've had with a bark ring. It's more moist.

    I also did a cheap spiral sliced ham, and wow I can't wait to do a GOOD Cure 81. 3 hours at 200 in the smoker, and then I pulled it and put the glaze on and finished it quick at 375 convection briol to seal the sweet coating mix that came with the ham. I usually do not use this stuff, but with the extra smoke it helped balance the flavors. I also tossed in a few turkey dogs around the ham. Turn a $1 pack of dogs into gourmet. Try them with a little onion dip, instead of mustard or ketchup.
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    kabosch74 -

    Have you tinkered with adjusting to controller innards any?  And the results?
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    Sarge...I have not.  What would you suggest?
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    Steve's instructions seem pretty straightforward. Ideally, the controller would be calibrated to the heating element through the adjustment and the temperature probe would regulate it to maintain the temperature, and this would be done during assembly. If it were me, I would give it a shot if the temperature problem was severe.  But I would also query Steve as to a warranty replacement if it did not work, or be prepared to pay $20.00 for a new one. 
  16. Never heard of the smoker,  I am currently using the MES. For the cost can not beat it, this time of year you can find some excellent deals at Loews or Home depot even Walmart. Just smoked a turkey and ham used Jeff's rub outstanding it is a shame I do not care for ham.
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    Well, my new #2 Smokin-It was waiting for me at the doorstep last night! I'll be unpacking it and seasoning it today, then off-to-the-races for my first cook! I think I'll try ribs and see how they compare to the ones I've been preparing in my Big Green Egg. I'll let everyone know how it goes!
  18. Congrats Bocaboy!
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    Congrats Bocaboy!  Been a long time coming for you, I know!
  20. 9 lb Butt, Brand new #1, 1st smoke....

    #1 arrived safely and fast via FedEx. Unpacked, cleaned and cured for almost 4 hours. Use 2 blocks of supplied wood but only one turned to ash. The other was nearly intact but was charred quite a bit???

    Bought 9+ lb Butt (Smallest of litter), 9.25 X 11.75 roaster pans, dry rub, and apple juice. Other essentials are in stock. Rub and inject with apple juice/dark rum concoction and refrigerate for 12 hours, remove for 1 hour before smoking

    I have ordered a Maverick but for now I have a Taylor w/probe for temp checking. I don't know how warm my smoker will get as I didn't have the Taylor when I cured the Smokin-It #1.

    My plan is to start the smoke with the probe close to the Factory probe to check smoker temp and then move it to the Butt well into the smoke (at least 2 hours)

    From my reading here the smoke could be 14 hrs. give or take. I know not to depend on time and the only thing that matters is internal temp appx. 200 before removing to wrap and rest for 1 hour. 

    My smoker is prepared with foil covering the bottom and smoke box. My plan is to have the roaster pan on the bottom shelf (catch & save juices) and the Pork on the middle shelf. 

    Questions for Smokin-It owners and especially #1 owners. 

    #1 HOW MUCH wood should I put in the box? (I know not to add any later)

    #2 Should I cover or wrap at some point in the process and if so when?

    #3 My planned temp is 225. Other suggestions welcome.

    #4 At some point in the smoke I have to open the door and insert Probe into the butt. 2 to 3 hours OK? Suggestions!

    #5 Would it be a good idea to start the smoke with some apple juice in the roaster pan?

    #6 I have fresh pineapple and juice available. Is there any way I could add at some point or is this a bad idea? 

    All comments and suggestions are welcome and indeed needed for this 1st time smoker. The smoke will begin around 5 AM Sunday! 

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