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Smokin-It 3d Problems

jack l

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I've had my Smokin-It 3D for 4 years. We turned it on to smoke a brisket for for the 4th of July, and noticed it would not power on. I was told by Steve at Smokin-It that the wiring to the cord may be fried due to excessive heat. He suggested removing the black plastic shrink wrap on both connections and then remove any damaged wiring, and replace the butt connectors. Since I wanted to have it deep cleaned, I found a place in town that did the work, and cleaned it. Since getting it back the smoker will not heat up.

My first thought was the heating element needed to be replaced, but Steve and Smokin-It did not think it was the problem, and the guys that cleaned it for me said the smoker was working fine before bringing it back. I have plugged it in to different sockets, but still does not want to heat up. The guys that cleaned it says, it may be a bad relay switch, so I ordered a new one and replaced it today. Still when I turn it on, the smoker does not heat up. I think it may be a faulty heating element or it may have come loose during the transport of the unit, but I am looking for your thoughts?


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Remove the wiring from the element... With you test meter on ohms, check across the legs of the element... Should read 80-200 ohms resistance I think... Then check the cord from the wires you removed from the element to the legs on the plug... They should read full scale, just like if you touched the probe wires together on your meter...


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It worked before it was cleaned and then did not work after it was cleaned.But the guys who cleaned it said it worked before returning it,imagine that.

This is only an assumption mind you but I'm going to guess they probably used some type of heavy duty de-greaser,some elbow labor and then rinsed it with a hose.Harsh chemicals and water are two things that should never see the inside of an electric smoker.A plastic spatula,a stiff nylon brush and said labor to knock the gross buildup is all that is needed.

I'd be going back to the guys who cleaned it and ask exactly how they cleaned it,though I suspect you won't get a straight answer.

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