Smoker rental near Kalamazoo MI??

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Nov 26, 2010
Canton Ohio
I'm spending a week in Kalamazoo this June for the UKC Premier dog show. Normally for large smokes I borrow my friends tow behind and go at it. However I will have a trailer full of dogs behind me, so I need to find a smoker. I thought about an ECB, BUT that will not cook nearly enough, and I'd have no room to bring it home, so I am looking for a rental.

Anyone out that way know where I can or should go??
Dang I didn't know you could rent a smoker. I'm going to check & see if that's something that's available around here. We have a Christmas party here for about 400 people every year. There are 6 of us in the neighborhood who have smokers. We each smoke 4 - 6 butts. It would be fun to get a big rig & all get together & put them all on at once.
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Yeah, I tried Yahoo, but thank you for the suggestion Captain Obvious!! I found a few "roasters" but no smokers, so my SECOND step was to come here and ask!! 

Have a great day!

I'm looking for an actual smoker, not sure how happy they would be if I returned that covered in smoke!!
Actually I was just pointing out how easily I found something by using a search tool.

Have a great day!

This is my first facepalm post since I've been a member of this forum...
If it were me, I might look up caterers in the Kalamazoo area and ask them... they might lend you theirs for a fee or whatever.

Good luck!  And have fun with your dogs!  woof
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