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  1. So, in preparation for my new smoker purchase I have been wondering where everyone keeps their smokers? I'm not talking the cheapo offsets, I mean the big boys. Where does one keep a smoker that clocks in at over 1000 pounds. I currently have my chargriller on a concrete slab that is 4.6'x5x5".
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    I have a trailer mounted smoker that sits on the side of the house next to my boat. I just bought a cheap gazebo to keep it under and cook under when it rains. Wouldn't get an expensive one because the heat from the stack is gonna wear away at the canopy. I also live on the acres in the woods so have plenty of space :)
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  3. glocksrock

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    I keep my Lang 48 patio in the garage.
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    Lil' Smokey sits on a concrete slab behind my garage.  I've recently put a 6' privacy fence around the slab to cut down on the wind.

  5. [​IMG]
    My current setup. Hoping that my 48" shirley can sit in the same place. I wouldn't worry about it collapsing the concrete or anything but I have a drain that runs right under it.

    I'd be screwed if it did.

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