Smoker effecency question

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Original poster
Feb 14, 2020
I am in the market for a new smoker and considering my options. I current have a traeger pro 22. I use it for a single brisket or 2 or 3 pork butts and size isn't usually an issue but considering upgrading to a 36" for the few times I could use a little more space.

my questions are; a) is a larger pellet grill more or less effecent with pellets? am i going to burn a lot more pellets keeping a bigger space hot? b) is a single cut of meat in a large(r) space going to get less benifit from the same amount of smoke? versus the smoke being closer in a smaller grill?

not sure how to get my answer, unless someone has had experience with both.


Meat Mopper
Aug 24, 2021
Your pellet use will be negligible… that extra volume of space won’t take much more
Pellets to heat up if you need more space buy
One with more space use it when you need it. How efficient depends on if you are cooking in outside freezing temps or warm outdoor temps. Pellet burners are already super efficient especially at higher temps. I have a 4’x 4’x 3’ custom built cabinet pellet smoker and I love have lots of space. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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