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Smoker advice

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by apalachicola, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. apalachicola

    apalachicola Newbie

    Hi guys, and gals!

    Briefly, I've been bitten by the smoker bug and am looking to upgrade my el cheapo Brinkmann. I live in the mountains of Colorado, and am interested in a unit with some insulation so I can smoke in cold weather. I have a sheltered place, but air temps will be chilly. Volume isn't a consideration, since I will be doing three butts max. My budget is about $1500, but I could go a little higher. Ideas?
  2. If you will be doing 3 butts max. I'd say you have more in the budget than you need to spend. You can by some excessories and still have money left.

    So now for  a few questions.

    1. what do you want to use for fuel?

    2. do you want to temd the fire or set it and walk away?

    3. do you  want to do any cold smokeing?

    4. what temp range do you want to achive?

    The first thing that comes to my mind is a Big Green Egg. It can take the cold as well as the hot. It is hard to cold smoke on But it does from 225°-700° very well. It is easy on fuel. It is almost light it dial it in and walk away.

    Happy smoken.

  3. apalachicola

    apalachicola Newbie

    Probably should have given more background.

    I think I like charcoal for fuel. The ECB works fine, but requires a lot of attention to keep it in the "sweet spot" temperature range. I'd like a smoker that requires a bit less, Most of the smoking I do is 200-250. The air temperature might be as low as 0. It's sometimes difficult for the ECB to maintain heat in that weather. I'm thinking I need a smoker with multi-wall design that will maintain for longer.
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  4. apalachicola

    apalachicola Newbie

    Also, cold smoking doesn't matter much. Never tried.
  5. I'm still thinking a BGE. You can cook with  snow on them.