smokehouse temperatures

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Dec 27, 2010
 I have converted an 8'x12'x8' metal shed into a smokehouse. If possible i want to smoke several different kinds of meat cuts and even fish at the same time.  What would be the optimum temperature that I must maintain for best results?  
What kind of meats are you talking about? When you smoke fish a lot of the time you are cold smoking it which is where your temps are usually under 100 degrees. When I do fish I kind of to a cold/hot smoke on them. I am usually smoking around 140-160 degrees. But if you are going to be doing ribs, chicken, pork butts, brisket etc. then you would be smoking in the 225-250 degree range which is considered hot smoking. All of the hot smoking items could be interchanged meaning you could fill the smoker with ribs, chicken, pork buts etc. all at the same time because they will cook at the same heat you would just have to watch their internal temps as they will all get done at different times. But if you were doing fish like you mentioned you would want to do that on a separate occasion as it would need a lower temps.
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Thanks for the info.  I thought that I would probably need to do fish separately.  Now I know.  

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