smoked mac and cheese.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kawboy, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. First attempt at smoked mac and cheese tonight. Taste was ok, but seemed like something was off. Maybe I should have used apple instead of oak. Was a little runny also. All in all I guess it was a success, it was edible. I think I will cut back on the milk and butter next time. I used a mixture of recipes from this site, so I don't know who to thank.
  2. I did smoked Mac and cheese awhile back. The family loved it but I wasn't a big fan. Think I used apple or black cherry wood.
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    Sounds good,,,, love mac and cheese but ya know what they say 


    Get us some pics we love pics 
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    Try using one recipe then you can adjust it for the next time.I like how mine comes out take a look.

  5. It was snowing and blowing pretty bad, I was more fixed on tending the smoker. When I try it again during day light I will take some. I will definitely try again. I tried the no boil version, pasta turned out great. I added a dry stick of oak halfway through to try to get the temp up, I think that was my mistake. 

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