Smoked ice

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  1. 1) First, freeze a football-sized chunk of ice in a Tupperware container. Slide that frozen slab into a perforated, disposable aluminum grill pan and place that pan over a second, unspotted pan.

    2) Stick ’em both in your smoker, or use a shut grill with a foil pouch of smoking woodchips inside. (We chose hickory chips to make our Texas bourbon taste like a San Antonio barbecue pit.)

    3) Throw lawn darts for a couple of hours as the melting ice seeps into the non-perforated pan below.

    4) Finally, refreeze that infused water in an ice-cube tray.

    Boom: smoke-soaked blocks that make your whiskey or Bloody Mary richer, smoother, and the envy of your brunch crew.
  2. Have done this and love them in my Old Fashions and Negronis!!

  3. Sounds great in a bloody mary.  Would compliment the smokey flavor from my Alaska Smoked Salmon Vodka.

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    My plans for Saturday.  Then the cubes can go into my bloody marys on Sunday for the Packers-Bears game! Go Pack Go!!!!
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    Liquismoke ice cubs would do the trick. Probably more expensive than your idea.
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    Nice technique making smoked Ice. Definitely going to try it.  
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    Couldn't you just smoke the water?  Is there really a need to pre-freeze?  Just put the water in a pan with a couple holes above a pan without them.
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    The ice will collect more smoke particles than the warmer water.

    If ice cubes were used rather than a block, more surface area would be exposed to the smoke in less time.

    I find that by using a handheld smoker, smoke flavor can easily be infused into any liquid in a much shorter amount of time with less effort.

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