Smoke vault gas conversion question

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by pcut, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Just got a 24" Smoke Vault from Camp Chef and am converting to gas. I called Questar (our local gas co.) and they said to use a #49 gas drill bit given that we live at 7000' ASL.  I have drilled the orifice out with that size and have only done the "curing" or "burn-in" process.  I found that the control had very little range of control-  when I went to a little below the "Med" setting, the burner was almost off and when there was even the slightest breeze it simply went out.  The flame is entirely blue.  Should I drill out the orifice more to let more gas through or is the problem the control?

    What says the brain trust?
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    I'm suggesting here... IMHO a 'Blue' flame is a good fire , gas and air are balanced. Do you have a 'Needle Valve ' in line , ahead of the mixer  ? One placed there should give you better control, open gas fully and control at Needle valve...

    If I'm wrong , [​IMG].

    Have fun and . . .
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    I have a Smoke Vault 24 and did the conversion to natural gas. The instructions from the Camp Chef recommended a #52 drill bit. I used that bit and it worked great. I had difficulty I had was finding that size. Finally found it at Graingers.

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