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Jan 19, 2014
Out west
Hey folks. New to the forum. I recently got into the propane smoker world and bought a Smoke Vault 24 after a friend recomended it. After growing up on using large wood/charcoal smokers i am pretty excited about the idea of using propane. I have listed some of my first impressions with this smoker. Even though I have only cooked beer can chicken (which turned out amazing by the way), this is some of my first thoughts.

1. Thought the smoker is somewhat well built for a 300 dollar smoker.

2. When I first seasoned the grill I noticed that the knob was not "true" when I turned it. Also, the grill would not get below 223 degrees (Maverick 732). After I seasoned the grill I went to lowes and bought a bayuo classic regulator (M5HPR-1). It wasn't until later when I read some of these threads that I saw this is a common issue. So now I turn the knob on high then use the needle valve accordingly.

3. When I cooked the chicken I noticed that the temp would not hold and began to rise when the water level got low. Probably not a problem on short burns but some of the over night smokes could be a issue. Any mods or recommendation to fix this. When the water was full in the pan the smoker would have a 2 degree flux.

4. Why can't you close the vents all the way without modifing it. Why would Camp Chief limit it's consumers to only closing half way?

5. Found out that chips burn up pretty quick. Probably going to use more chunks next time.

6. Probably will replace both chip trey and water pan with something more heavy duty.

I am pretty excited about this smoker and I think that i bought a good smoker that will last. The listed above are just some things that I noticed. I have always been the kind of person that will take something and try to modify/fix/customize for myself. Thanks.

Not having the vents close all the way is a safety issue. Should the burner go out you don't want to be trapping the gases in the smoker.

When smoking you want to leave the top vent in the full open position.

I prefer to use a dry smoke chamber and haven't used water my water pan for years. In fact mine is filled with sand, and wrapped with foil. I smoke year round and in all kinds if weather. Having the thermal mass helps even out temps and also makes temp swings not as bad. When it's windy and cold the temp is easier to control.

Chunks are way better in my opinion. Chips burn to fast and don't last long.
Thanks for the replay. Yeah I think that I will try sand in the chamber next. In the previous big barrel smokers that I have used I never used a water pan. I did sometimes put a small pan of apple juice in (im not even sure it does anything or not). So primarily the water pan is for heat control? Does it add any moisture to the meat at all? I am by no means an expert smoker. Just played around from time to time in the past. But I sure do like the smoke vault. Me and the wife are already planning out future smokes!! Ha.
Can you please tell me how to hook up and use the regulator?  I too have the same problem with the standard knob on the smoker.  Once connected, should the smoker knob always be on high, while adjustments are made from the regulator?

Yeah I just took a wrench and i unscrewed the factory regulator and then put the bayou classic one on. As far as the settings go I just put the knob on high and then do my adjustments from the needle valve. Not sure if it matters where the knob should be or not. On mine the needle valve is somewhat sensitive. This is due to the fact that the bayou classic regulator is a 20 PSI while the camp chef one is probably around 5 PSI. This is a very good mod to do. But u just have to watch it when u get really low flames because they can blow out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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