smoke stack ?

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  1. So I have gandered at the calculators, I'm going with a little longer of a stack than the calculator calls... but my question is this... how far into the tank do you mount the stack, or do you mount it flush?
  2. just remember heat rises and the lower in the tank the better i think, but not to low not to cut ito your cooking space.
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    My personal opinion is that it depends on the smoker. For example, my reverse flow the exhaust is flush with the top of the tank. On my offset it is sunk down to the lower grate level to keep the temps closer to even from end to end.
  4. I took mine on my reverse flow down to the level of my main cook grate and it works vary well. My thought was that if I found I needed to modify it after the fact that I could raise it easier than extend it lower. I'm very happey with it so far.[​IMG]

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