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Smoke Hollow Gas smoker modifications GS 38202

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by davidinkansas, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. davidinkansas

    davidinkansas Newbie

    I bought this smoker last year and in general am pretty happy with it. However, I live in Kansas and soon discovered that the varying wind ( especially in the cooler months) created unstable flame conditions. I decided to address the wind issue directly.. I added 4 skirts..16 gauge galvanized sheet metal....cut at my local furnace shop for $50. I located them with small c clamps and drilled pilot holes for self tapping sheet metal screw. I also painted with high temp paint to match the smoker. I set the whole thing up on a 4 x 4 base on top of 4 concrete blocks so there is plenty of air draw from underneath. I am smoking today with a pretty stiff wind on and off. The temperature is absolutely stable...I am able to adjust with 5 degree increments very easily. Very pleased so far.
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  2. Do you have any pictures of the mods that you could post?
  3. davidinkansas

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    Here are some pics..not the thermo stayed on a constant 215 with no adjustment