Smoke around the door on a Smoke Vault 24

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bobkomar, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. bobkomar

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    My smoke vault 24 leaks smoke all the way around the door. Is this something I should fix, or just let it be?

    If it matters I run the two bottom dampeners full closed with the tabs bent out, and the top one full open. I can hold a nice even temp with out a problem, but I'm think the whole idea is to get the smoke to draw past the meat, not out around the door?
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    Be sure the cabinet is setting level and all four legs are "tugged" out just a bit at the direction they are oriented or pointed towards. Sometimes, if one leg of a cabinet smoker is not positioned the same, or especially when not leveled properly, it will cause a slight twist in the cabinet, and the door will not fit tightly to the cabinet. There will always be a small amount of smoke escaping from smaller gaps when you don't have a gasket to seal the opening. It never was a concern for me, as you can generate far more smoke than what is really needed.

    If you have smoke exiting the top vent, you'll be smoking just fine. As far as heat and/or smoke loss, it's minimal. I've smoked with my SV24 in sub-zero problem. If your smoke is just bellowing out the door gap in a large area, that may be caused by a slightly bent door, which will require some careful line-up (by eyesight) and tweeking to get it back where it needs to be without over-doing it. Just don't bend the door unless you are sure the cabinet is leveled correctly.

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  3. bobkomar

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    The gaps around the door and even, and the door is not proud any where around the cabinet, and it doesn't drag when opening or closing any where, so I think I'm nice and level.

    Most of the smoke does go out the top dampener, so I think I'm good.
  4. forluvofsmoke

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    OK, you're good to go on being level if the gap is pretty even all around the door. There are a couple other things you can do which can help for a bit tighter closing of the door to the cabinet...just stepped out to look at mine to refresh my memory...make sure the door handle/latch retainer nut inside is tight...if loose, tighten and recheck fit...if tight, you can bend the cabinet lip in towards the grates, right where the latch/catch contacts the cabinet when the handle is in the fully closed position so that it pulls a bit more on the catch for the door. Then,m recheck fit again. If there is still a gap, you can slightly bend the door, so that the top and bottom are closer to the cabinet when closed...slide the door up on the hinges to remove, lay the door catch/handle stud (bolt end) on a wood block, and with a steady force, slightly bend the door from the corners downward, just until you feel the spring-back when you release pressure against it...easy does it, so you don't go too far. Re-attach and recheck fit again.

    Now, one other thing comes to mind, if the door has a gap all the way around, on all four sides, then the cabinet lip would be what really needs to be adjusted, because there are no door-hinge adjustments, unfortunately....that can be done with wood blocks/hammer and/or other tools, but, you need a lot of time and patience to do this without screwing up the cabinet and having to correct any small bends in the lip. If the lip is not a straight edge when you try to fit the door again, it will be a worse fit then when you started...not fun at all, so that wouldn't be on my list of things I would want to try any time soon.

    They can be tweeked for these minor gaps if you want to, just go a little bit at a time, so you don't have to fix a boo-boo....worst case is you end up with a crease in the door, which is not easily fixed, but can be repaired with some patience and time. Some cabinet smokers have door gap issues, while others don't, and it's not isolated to just a few brands or models...they all have some variances that can show up from time to time...just so you don't think the Smoke Vault has poor workmanship or quality control issues because of the door happens.

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    [​IMG]I put Fireplace rope on part of mine.Top (part way) and latch side. It hangs up at the hinge side and top.

    Made me feel  better ! but didn't notice any change in performance .

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