Smf Cookoff?

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
I'd love to attend one, but what about setting up a KCBS sanct. cook off for only SMF members?

Just an idea, could be held in w.Ks.......I know of a good spot

Friendly comp to help newbies/and oldies. Prize could be a bag of pellets............since that is who would win....ooooooo that should get some %!#@%#$ going on this thread.
No, the prize could be nothing more than a one dollar bill, my wife would frame it for free....and she is good.

I can come up w/ideas, but am not smart enough to put it together.........that is where ya'll come in.

See ya in chat.................ITS FFFFFFFFFFRIIIDAY!
Where do I sit and watch and drink the cold beer? I can even root you folks along too.

For those that cannot make it, I think I could place a webcam at the competition and broadcast it live.

Good idea, Al!
You can sit right next to me long as YOU get up to get us more beer and samples of the cookoff.
Great idea, I'll show for that one. Can i get a personal beer hadleing atendent also?
Nope, you gotta get Kev beer. You gotta wait for someone else to post, then they can be your beer attendant(nice way of calling someone a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooootch)
Didn't you see the thread for it BigAl... we already had it, gave the prize and it's a done deal. I'm really surprised you weren't there. We had it in W. Ks. too. Too bad cuz the winner took home a really big bag of pellets and a framed dollar bill. Good idea - but you're too late with it.

Just kidding Al ya traegermiester pellet pooper
is there a listing for these get togethers cook offs or such?

im thinking a good place is on the mississippi in Missouri at Hannibal, they have alot of space down on the river thats nice and camp grounds too just a mile or 2 south at the famous cave there.

2nd weekend of OCT is there fall festaval, i go there every year maby i can meat someone there, is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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