sliced pork chops cure with bone

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Jan 16, 2014
South Ga
Got a question for the great ones.
what I having is about 15# of fresh sliced chops that are about 1inch thich that still have the bone. Could I cure them in Pops brine without injecting and then cold smoke?
Yes.... generally under 2" thick.... no injection necessary.... 1" thick I would put in the brine for 4-5 days, rinse and dry, and let sit in the refer for a day or so then cook or smoke.... A warm smoke at 120 ish for an hour or 2 then cook in the BBQ per normal would be what we call a reverse sear.... times and temps for this process can be changed for personal preference.... keep notes and adjust until you have a product you like....
In the south here this is fine eatin (cured smoked pork chops with homemade macaroni cheese and butterbeans or collerd greens and lace cornbread). Just pan fry or grill or cooked in the oven .
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