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Discussion in 'Beef' started by david r, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. david r

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    Anyone have any favorite recipes for Sirloin Tri Tip Beef Roast?   Got a 4 pounder I'm gonna smoke this weekend and its my first one. 

    I got some Cabela quick cure,   but I am leaning against that.   Not sure if I want to marinate or brine and how to go about it.   I think I am leaning mesquite for wood,   but I am open to suggestions,   have apple, pecan, maple, hickory as well.

    Anyone ever try to make corned beef/ Pastrami with Tri tip?    I have had great success curing my own pastrami's  with Brisket,  curious how tri tip might come out. 
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    I like to keep mine simple.

    I dry brine them with some kosher salt an hour or so before smoking. I also hit them with some cracked black pepper and some fresh or dried rosemary. Then its into the smoker ~250 degrees to an IT of~130. Pull off and rest at least 15 minutes before slicing.

    I'm improving my tips all the time..

    I'm not sure what Cabela's quick cure is so I can't help there. I like to use Pop's brine when I make any pastrami, and I make a lot of it!


    Here's one of my first ones:
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  4. david r

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    Thanka guys. That tritip pastrami thread is hilaruous and I will go for it. Not this week though. Just gonna kewp it basic as you suggest. Local store was selling 3-4 pound roasts at 3.99!!! So i stocked up
  5. tropics

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    I could drive out there and load up,it would still be cheaper then $11.00 + here


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