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First tri tip is on!

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After reading Rich's post today and seeing a tri tip at the store, I decided I just had to do one. So I rubbed my gosm and summoned the great smoke..






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Looks like you off to a good start. I like to take mine to 135 then double wrap in foil and rest in a cooler. Cant wait to see your results.

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Ohhhh man was that devine! I took it to 135 and then foiled. I put it back in the smoker, let it get up to temp and then shut it off. It rested in there for about an hour. I served it up with some frenched green beans and mashed red pertaters...






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Looks awesome

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Great  looking tip !!

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Looks beautiful.

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Man I wish I could get some of them here. But you did a great job there Pete. It looks awesome and rare the way I like it too.

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Thanx all.. That is a good hunk of meat to eat! I'll definately be doing more of those. Maybe we can get a few shipped out to ya Mark..

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what was the final temp you took it to altogether pit?  looks great!

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Dang I looked on table and the second plate seems not to be for me lol.  Looks great

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If you haven`t been able to get tri-tip at your local stores check out your nearest Sams Club they are starting to carry them all over. They are a little pricey but man you just cant beat them...


Yours looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 what was the final temp you took it to altogether pit?

 I don't know. I guess I should say that I let the smoker come back up to temp after I foiled the meat. I then shut the smoker off and let the meat hang out in there until I was ready to serve.. By the redness and doneness of the meat, I would bet it was between 140 and 145. Without a sere, the meat stays red from top to bottom if ya don't over do it.. Thanx yall

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Thanks for the money shot! Great job!

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Alright, now I have to try a tri tip.  Looks great!

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I was talking to a butcher the other day about briskets and he said I needed to get a tri tip.  I'm in North Carolina so I didn't give him a whole lot of credit.  Guess I'll have to try one.

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Sams here has tri tip . Allready cooked in a cryovac pkg. NO THANKS . i'll wait.

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Awesome job there Pit!! I will have to see if the Sam's here in Baton Rouge carries Tri-tip like Roller pointed out.

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I have to admit that I really " mailed it in " on the sides though... No matter.. That cut of meat steals the show. It's definately like a good ribeye or fillet, it needs no help whatsoever with flavor. I think if you tried to help it out with a wine reduction, mushroom or any other sauce, you would do the meat a disservice, if anything. The rosemary and thyme complimented well, I'll give credit to Rich for that. Next one will be KS&CP with mesquite smoke again..

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Great lookin tri-tip. I am overjoyed to actually see someone post a picture of a Tri-Tip that has been cut against the grain, Most cookers do not realize how important that this step is. Keep on cookin----the more tri-tips that you cook---the more you will appreciate keeping it simple.

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Just got two more in the "Managers Special" section for $3.00 off per roast. Total cost was about $12.50 for both! It seems nobody buys them from the grocery store that I go to, so they have them once in a while for a few days and then sell them at a huge discount just to get rid of them. I'll have to keep my eye open for these from now on..

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