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Sirloin tip roast question


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Got a guy at work that is going to smoke an 8 pound sirloin tip roast. Already told him to cook it to 140 then let it rest an hour. His question was - approximately how long will it take to get to 140? I've never smoked to med rare so I didn't have an answer. But I knew you guys would. Need some pointers please


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Sirloin roasts smoke best at a low temp, 225-250F or so.  It allows more smoke flavor to build on the roast and keeps the outer edges from getting well done.  You get a nice, pink consistency through the whole roast. 

Unfortunately it won't brown the roast like a higher temp will, so a hot sear at the end of the smoke, called a "reverse sear," browns it up nicely.  It's an eyeball kind of thing. 

At 225-250F, an 8 lb roast will take around 5 hours to hit 140F, give or take. 

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