Shotgun Shells with a twist, my first try. Here we go.

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Meat Mopper
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Dec 29, 2022
Vernon, BC Canada
Finally all the ingredients came together and it's time for me to try shotgun shells.

I decided to make my own Chorizo instead of the usual breakfast sausage as I also wanted to make Chorizo sausages and thought this was a good test bed. I made up a 1Kg batch of Marianskis Mexican Chorizo but I added my own just ground Paprika from pimentos I smoked/dried and my own Cayanne to jazz it up some. Shredded some cheddar and diced a small Spanish onion and mixed that in. Made a quick fry test and it was very nice, a good bit of heat. It stuffed really easily and then I wrapped with bacon. Thankfully I had some "training bacon" in the freezer, it's the bargain bacon that it seems people who have never operated a slicer before have made and it looks like it was sliced with their eyes closed. :emoji_rolling_eyes: It's very thin and it wrapped perfectly.

The Cannelloni noodles were easy to find in my big box store, which was nice, and they are oven ready which should make the pasta a little softer earlier on, not sure if that's good or not but it shouldn't be crunchy when done. Going to do these in my pellet smoker as it's simple and easy to change temps and to crisp up the bacon if need be, hard to do in my PID MES30.

They are in the fridge for a couple of hours then my son and I will head out to the deck for afternoon beers and fire the smoker and get 'em going.

Now I do have a question, from what I read, most people use breakfast sausage which is pretty plain and usually add a rub on top and then sauce to spice them up. I have put in a pretty zippy filling so I am wondering if I should skip the rub, or if not, what might compliment the Chorizo?

More later.




That looks great!! I'm a sucker for vinegar based sauce, but I'd bet almost anything would work for those bad boys.
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Well there are none left between my son and I, they turned out awesome! The shells were fork tender and the sausage was moist, bacon crisp. One thing I wanted to do but forgot was to put a water pan in the smoker to help soften the pasta but as it turns out, is probably not needed. Based on my pasta experience, a bit of a moister sausage stuffing will help soften the pasta.

Definitely going to make these again, gives me an opportunity to try new sausage recipes. I can tell you the oven ready pasta worked great, highly recommended.

Thanks for following along.


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