Shopping for Smokin Tex. Where to buy?

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So, I am gonna buy a smoker.  Looks like I wanna go with electric for ease of use after trying charcoal a couple times.  Been a researching fool for a couple days now.  Started out wanting to spend under $400, and have worked my way to currently thinking a Smokin Tex 1460 would be the best choice for me.  Because of size, and quality, and quantity of favorable reviews. I'd love to buy the comparable cookshack model, but just can't possibly stretch my budget that far. 

A few people have suggested buying a cheaper model, and upgrading, but I can't see spending the money twice, so I want to buy quality first, with the specs that suit me.

Anyway, since I am spending more than I want to , I am trying not to spend any more than I have to.  Any suggestions as to where I might find the best possible price?  Shipping deals?  Coupons available?  Anything.

Seems to me the guys in the forums usually can turn you on to all the sweet hook ups.  Hoping to find the same here.

Post or pm would be cool.

I just looked up the spec's of the smoker your looking to purchase... VERY NICE!

Good luck with your search... $945 delivered looks to be the lowest going price online
OK.  May be having a change of direction.  On another members suggestion I am now strongly, almost certainly considering Smokin It #3.  Bigger than smokin tex 1400, smaller than the 1460, and less money than the 1400.  Looks like the best bargain goin.  Just the size I was looking for with top notch reviews over and over.

Looks like the only place to buy is direct.  Gonna check on shipping rates.  Special offer right now due to shipping delays.  Probably going to pop for one by 1-25.
Smokin-it shipping is not cheap.  It is FedEx and is quick. I purchased a model 3 a couple of years ago to give as a gift and even with shipping, I got a lower overall cost compared to SmokinTex. And the unit is a tad larger.   Right now, their largest unit, the Model 4 comse standard with an Auber digital controller/pid.  Pricey to be sure, but it is a really large unit.  I don't believe there is anything else on the market that can match it for capacity and price.  And the ST unit you are looking at should be a strong performer. It all comes down to personal preference and your budget. 

Good luck and happy smoking.
You can't go wrong with any of them.  I believe at some point I will be looking at the #4
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4wdnarchery - Let us know what you go with.  Both companies make solid units that produce great food and as I said above it comes down to personal preference and budget. You have to be comfortable with your decision. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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