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Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
I figured we need a shirt thread anyway, so I'll start.

Is there a back up plan in place if Buzzard's connection doesn't pan out? If not I have no special connections, but we do have a pretty good screen-printer up here so I can at least get you a price for what we need that we can compare and see what kind of deal we can get.

Do you want me to include a question when I ask for campground specifics from each member as to what sizes and how many T's they want or do you want to handle it seperately? I figured get an "order" and then probably make an additional few for the ones who don't attend and still want a shirt is what you planned.
Chad there are a few screen printers in the area. I am planning on early next week making the rounds to them to get prices and finding out what layout they can provide. If you have the time you might check yours out too.

I'm still waiting on Buzz to get back with me on costs or needs.

I believe it is a good idea to get their shirt sizes and quantity needed when you contact them about the event. As I stated in the original post I will send a shirt to the winner of the slogan suggestion, if they don't attend. So far it is SmkyOky and I believe he is planning on attending.

The poll will close on 2-25, we will know the slogan then. After that is just finding out how we can lay it out
Ok, will do on the shirt sizes. I think I am going to go ahead and get some done. Get the ones I'm sure of out of the way.
I have two connections for shirts possibly three connections.

If we need prices I can get some.

Some of the places that I deal with will set up a "web site" that we can log in and place orders. In fact we can get them screen printed and even have our log in and real names printed on each one.

One other thought is that we can see if Jeff would be willing to set it up so that we can sell it off of his main page.
Thank you Cheech. I still haven't heard from Buzz on the shirt printing, so go ahead with getting prices, I will PM each of you next week sometime if I don't hear from him, we'll move forward one way or another.

BTW, welcome to the committee Cheech. We weren't sure if you were gonna join us or not. Glad to have you on board. Your enthusiasm should keep us moving.

Not sure if I would join,.....try to stop me yahoooooo here we come.

Just some other random thoughts.

Should we try to organize food?

Like have those of us not bringing smokers pay for some food so that we do not have to go out for food once we are in town?

I think originally the thoughts were to base this around a competition but really I am not sure that it needs to be if that makes things easier.

Maybe we could set up a running list of those who plan to attend and keep it on the site so that all can see.

I also wonder if we should add in things like hats with shirts. Not sure how many others are thinking of going but I have a shipment of Baseball hats that are in need of a slogan. I can have them stitched up and ready by that time. I only have about 1-2 dozen. I can always order more.

I thought that if we offer them on Jeff's main site than he would be able to make a buck off of them and help with some of the expenses he has with the site.
Whoever ends up undertaking the shirt task, I have had a couple inquiries about kids shirts. See what you can find out and let me know so I can get info to the interested members.
I will be working nights this weekend (Sa, Su, Mo) it will be Tuesday or Wednesday before I have a chance to get in touch with the printers in my area, so Tue or so is fine Daryl. Don't forget to check on kids sizes for Chad.
FYI, big sizes are being asked about as well. It looks like info on kids through 4-5X is what you guys need.
Chad, It sounds like there will be a higher demand on the shirts than I might have estimated. Can you give us an approximate number of shirts, we may be able to get a better price with quantity.
Not really alot of shirts Joe, just alot of sizes. I am estimating somewhat and including kids shirts as well if you can get them. I suspect we will end up around 35 shirts. Also, we'll have to add in shirts for whoever is not coming but still wants a shirt.

You guys might be able to pull it off, but I think it will be hard to get a bulk discount due to the size ranges we're getting. Ya know, 4 of these, 2 of them, 5 of these, one of those.........and so on.
My original estimate of 50 was based on about double the people who were planning on attending. When I go to check on the prices I'll take that bag of charm I've been saving and see what happens - I hate to waste it, it's the only charm I have left.

Cheech, see what ya can do buster, maybe letting them know there may be more later might help.
I wanted to have a possible design in hand when pricing shirts so I used this site to lay one out. Let me know how you feel about the layout, if you have any suggestions let me know. You can switch shirt colors by clicking on "switch product"
Nice layout Joe, looks good to me! Does anyone know what color the shirts are actually going to be?
I was leaning towards a light blue or a gray color. If you go back to the site you can change the shirt color by selecting "change product" then click on the colors.

But light blue for the Thin Blue Smoke, or a gray to appear as smokey colored... That's my opinion. What's yours?
I thought most of the greys looked good with the design. I didn't care for the light blue at all. I do see where you were going with "thin blue" aspect but smoke grey is a little more manly.
I tend to agree with you on the grey color looking better. Just a novel though on the blue. I believe grey would be best. If possible how about varying colors... Grey, blue, and maybe a shade of red??

So far I'm not panning out on the shirt vendors, I still have one maybe two more to check. I'll keep you posted when I find something out.

Cheech will it be possible to get different colors? Any word on your vendors yet?

Also SmokyOky has offered a connection on possible hats and /or shirts. He is supposed to get back with me on those too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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