Shelf stable products with liver

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Apr 3, 2014
Toronto, Canada
I understand liver is not a good candidate for canning due to density slowing down the pasteurization process.

Would pressure canning make a mix of ground meat and liver (like a pate de campagne) shelf stable?
Cool stuff Dave. Where do you pull these from?

I did some googling before posting the question here , the only relevant hits I got were "don't can liver".

New project added to the list.

Thank you for your input.
Do they say WHY not to can it...   

I guess "old stuff" just pops up on my search engine....    1947 may be the last time anyone ate liver.....HAHAHAHA...   Not me...  I eat it several times per year....   Beef and chicken....   can't find pork liver here... 
Liver never last long enough around here to get canned. 

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