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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by sporty, Apr 18, 2008.

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    A year ago I never would imagine doing this. Reading SMF has accelerated my learning curve and brought me to new levels of smoking. So...............

    I've have a SFB smoker someone gave me several years ago. There was nothing on the smoker to identify just what it was. Finally reading a thread on here I was able to ID it as a Charbroil Silver (mostly sure!). This is an older smoker and very heavy.

    The guy before me had done the typical mods, charcoal basket, baffle, therm moved down on the front and extending the stack down to the grates.

    After a few years of smoking on it and reading SMF I'm ready to make some changes. Planned changes:

    - new charcoal basket
    - expanded steel front shelf - most likely drop away
    - move stack below racks
    - clean up the outside and high temp paint
    - replace therm on the right and add one to the left
    - maybe dropping the racks down about an inch
    - maybe tuning plates

    Now for a couple of questions.

    Will moving the stack below the racks be a problem as far a heat flow?

    And, as long as I'm moving the stack, is this smoker too small to turn into a reverse flow?

    What do you think about using stove polish on the fire box?

    Thanks in advance!!!


    P.S. Picked up a "used 3 times" Brinkman Smoke n Grill for $25 :D. This one will be handy for camping.
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    That's just what I wanted to see!!

    Now I'll just need to figure dimensions that will allow proper heat flow while leaving room to set a pan of beans under the rack and a butt.

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