Second brisket attemp early tomorrow

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kevin james, May 25, 2013.

  1. kevin james

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    As the title suggests tomorrow morning I will be starting my second attempt at brisket and have a few questions.

    I'm trying to keep the smoke time down to 8-10 hours (8 hour smoke + 2 "CYA time" hours. I bought an 8 lb brisket flat which I will be rubbing down tonight.

    First question: I was planning to cut the brisket in half to 2 roughly 4lb pieces figuring 2 hours per pound but I'm wondering if that is needed with brisket. So, should I cut it in half or leave it whole?

    And second question: What temp should I be shooting for to pull it out? I should mention I do not plan to foil. I want proper sliced brisket. Last time it went to long, got up past 200 IT and had to be pulled so I'm trying to avoid that from happening again.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. daveomak

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    Kevin, morning....  I'd leave it whole... It will take the same time to cook, or close to it...    Cook to 190 ish for slicing..... wrap and let rest before slicing...   each piece of meat is different so judging how tender it will be and how long to cook is a guess.... also, try the toothpick method at 190... see if the toothpick slides in the meat fairly easily...  that a pretty good test of doneness...  

  3. kevin james

    kevin james Smoke Blower

    Thanks Dave. Unfortunately I already halved it. I realized it was to long to fit on the MES 30 rack whole anyways so there really wasn't an option.

    I got just a slightly later start than I wanted, got everything in just before 7 with the smoker preheating. I decided to through the meat in a little early when the smoker temp was at 190 even though I'm going for 250. Its 7:35 now and its already recovered to 219 and I have the AMNPS started. I think I should be at temp with the AMNPS loaded within the next 10 minutes.

    I'm thinking I should be fine for a 7:00 dinner time. I have 2 4lb brisket flats and 2 4lb pork butts going in. I'm figuring 2 hours per pound puts me at 3:00 + 2 hours CYA time is 5:00 and a 1- 2 hour cooler rest puts me at 6-7:00.

    Q-view to come during the process.

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