sausage,sausage,and more sausage

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Cheech,whatever you want to know Ill try to help out,just ask away.
Cheech, I will post some sausage recipes soon.

In the meantime I would plan on rosemary, Greek oregano, thyme, sage, fennel, cilantro, hot peppers of some type, chives, garlic chives, basil, parsley.

Plant your rosemary bush next to your foundation on the south side of your home. Pick a sunny spot and make a rock garden for your perennial herbs. Of course the annuals will be grown new each year,

Now is the time to own a dehydrator. Our food source, especially herbs and ascorbic acid products is coming more into question due to its tainted foreign source.

Experiment with different herbs. A local business, I know the owners and they are super, features $.35 trail packets of herb seeds. Huge selection.

Their name is: Artistic Gardens/Le Jardin Gournet

Get their catalog and order some of their trial packets. Do not order rosemary seeds. Trying to germinate them is best left to the experts. Buy starts.

More soon!

David -

You are the man! You always make great looking sausages! I am humbled by your culinary expertise!

I've use quite a bit of the high temperature cheese in my lunchmeat sausages. It doesn't melt out when you smoke it. Usually available in American and cheddar. Taste pretty good to. It diced up in little 1/4 inch cubes so it blends in pretty well too. Comes in 5 pounds bags. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.