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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by kadoka, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. kadoka

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    I would like to purchase a grinder and stuffer ( 15 pounder ). Would appreciate any input, recommendations, pros/ cons on brands and models.Thanks! 
  2. gersus

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    I recently purchased a LEM #8 grinder and a Kitchener 1b stuffer. I really like them both.

    It all depends on how much/often you are going to grind when choosing a grinder. I probably would've bought a Kitchener grinder (from northern tool) but I grind up chicken parts bone and all so I wanted all metal gearing. The LEM and the cabelas grinders are both real good.

    As far as stuffers, IMO the Kitchener 15lber is the best deal out there. You get the bigger capacity, metal gears, and great reviews for quite a bit less than other 15lbers.

    After using mine I'm glad I got it.

    Good luck!
  3. old poi dog

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    I also have the Kitchener 15 lb stuffer from Northern Tool.  Great stuffer. The only reason why  I just picked up the LEM 5 lb. stuffer was that when I am trying to get the formulation right on a sausage, I find it more economical and easier to make 4-5 lb. batches of sausage.  Right now if you can get only 1 stuffer, get the 15 lb stuffer.  You could make it work with small batches  of sausage.
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  5. doctord1955

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    I would check out the Lem grinders over the Cabelas!  I have a cabelas 1hp and it will grind anyything i put in it once.  Frozen deer as long as u can whitttle it into pieces it will grind it .  the problem is when u try to regrind there is to much play in the auger and u get push back of meat so everything has to be has to be about frozen and I have a friend who has the Lem and he says he doesnt have this problem.
  6. I got the LEM #8 grinder before Christmas and I love it. I spent a lot of time reading reviews, etc for both the LEM and Cabela's. I liked the reviews for the LEM. I've ordered an LEM 5# stuffer and waiting for it to get here, but I'm only doing smaller amounts of stuffing. Good luck in your quest.
  7. sam3

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    I just got the LEM #22 grinder and  LEM 10 lb dual gear vertical stuffer for Christmas. I couldn't be happier with this combo! [​IMG]

    Good luck!
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    What is your budget? This would help for recommendations on equipment you can afford. Quality and pricing ranges for sausages making equipment.
  9. kadoka

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    Thanks for all the replies you guys.Some good feedback and helpful information. For what I plan on doing I'm looking at the Kitchener 15lb. stuffer & possibly the LEM's #8 grinder. I'll keep checking for some more input and then decide. Hope get grinding, and get some pics out to you all soon.   Thanks again!
  10. I would check out One Stop Jerky Shop as well. I got my 5 lbs stuffer from them this past year as well as a Tasin meat grinder a few years back from them. The grinder chews through venison as fast as I can put it down. It doesn't have any attachments available like jerky slicer or cuber which I was bummed about but for what I mainly need it for it does a great job. I see they have some nice commercial grinders by Weston that I am sure would do a great job as well. I got the LEM 5 lbs stuffer from OSJS since they had it on sale at the time.

    Meat Grinders -

    Sausage Stuffers -
  11. sprky

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    good info here guys thanks for posting it up I will be buying a grinder and stuffer, so this helped me out as well.

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