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    Anyone ever use Sansho peppercorns or Sichuan peppercorns in rubs, sauces, or sausage before. Amazon has some good prices on them, unless someone has another source to get them.
  2. I use it sometimes when I make lemon pepper chicken on the grill/smoker or smoke flattened & rolled breasts & thighs - I really enjoy it that way. I use it on Crappy too. I tried it once in a pork rub I put on a loin but wasn't too fond of it that way & haven't tried it in a beef rub yet due to the lemony tone. I haven't tried it in sausage yet either but I haven't made any chicken sausage in a while...

    If you eat a little of it by itself it makes your mouth all tingly then it goes numb for a bit  [​IMG]

    Let me know what you make out if you get some & experiment with it  [​IMG]
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