Rust issues

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help me

Original poster
May 15, 2021
Hi! I had a smoker given to me for my dad but it hasn’t been in the best weather conditions which has led to quit a bit of rust on both the inside and outside. I know absolutely nothing about smokers! But I’m hoping some of you can give me some insight as to what to use and what not to use. How do I remove the rust so it’s safe to cook with again? What do I use to remove said rust? And what products should I use to repaint it? Also can/should I repaint the inside of the smoker?
thank you in advance!
If it has a light coat of rust, just spray it down with Pam and wipe it off.
Never paint the inside of a smoker unless you want to taste paint with your meat,.
I use Pam spray inside and out, once you wipe off the Pam and rust, spray it again build a fire in it to get it hot, that will help dry and set the coating of Pam.
Depends how bad the rust. The one time my wife used the grill recently she left aluminum foil on the grates for a week and the dissimilar metals next to a chlorine treated pool led to some quick rust formation on the grates.

I scrubbed with steel wool, coarse then medium then fine. Worked like a charm for me.

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