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Rookie needing some coaching

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by sam1amm, Oct 16, 2013.

  1.  I want to build a smokehouse in my back yard that I can both cold and hot smoke. I had an oak tree cut into boards at the local sawmill (about 650 board feet) and want to do a board and baten type thing to look like an old outhouse. I was wondering if anyone did this type of thing and could let me in on some secrets. Is it possible to have a small firebox on the inside to hot smoke and another firebox outside to cold smoke or am I having a pipe dream?
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    Sam, morning.....  I saw a smoker on U-Tube where a guy had a fairly large building... about 6 X 8 that he had a smoke stack enter the floor for smoking and when he wanted to hot smoke, enclosed the area above the stack to hang meat in....  that way he could cold and hot smoke at the same time....   the area, above the enclosed area, exited the smoke into the rest of the building.... He was really into smoking a lot of meat at one time...  

    Anything is doable...  use your imagination...  

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  4.  Thanks. I will do some homework while I'm out hunting for something to put in it. Doesn't make much sense to build one if you cant fill one. Untill then...
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  5.  I'm Ready to start new construction. Here is the plan. looking for "that'll work or stay away from that". Going to try something like ATCNICK if he doesnt mind. The finished product should be about 32" x 32" O/S square using 4x8x16 cinder block for base. That should be about 28x28 inside at the base.

    Question 1: Can I use the Base of the smoke chamber for fire to hot smoke?

    Question 2: If i dig 26" below grade (frost line) can I use a pipe to get air supply under the grate?If so, what size should I use? The grate will be on the top of the first course of block. Block will be 50" tall with board and batten cook chamber on top reaching about 6 feet above grade. Total 100 inches from slab from below frost line.

    Question 3: How far/close does the fire box need to be to cold smoke?

    Question 4: Should I use 6" or 8" pipe for the smoke from the cold smoke firebox?

    Thanks in advance for the info!!
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