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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by hlgoldens, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Well let's see,

    My name is Henry and have been smoking for approx. 10 years.

    I started with the Masterbuilt GrandMac charcoal smoker which I used for about 5 years and actually just gave it to a friend for him to try his hand at smoking.

    From there I bought the Big Green Egg about 4 years ago and last year I got a great deal on two Back Woods smokers ( Fatboy and the Party ). I am by far NO expert, but do have some experience under my belt, but still enjoy learning new concepts and new ideas.

    My neighbors thoroughly enjoy the fact that I love to smoke and typically enjoy all the various things I decide to try on the weekends.

    I am currently trying to get used to the BackWoods smokers and enjoying the learning process.

    I am now looking forward to meeting fellow smokers on this site and look forward to learn from other people on this site as well.

    So I will start off by saying Hello and here's to all that great smoked food ahead of us !!
  2. jrod62

    jrod62 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    :welcome1: to SMF
  3. Thanks Jrod,

    Good to be here.

    Looks like I will be doing a lot of reading in the next few weeks.
  4. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hello Henry and [​IMG]to SMF - looking forward to seeing some great qview 
  5. welcome neighbor!
  6. Hello Henry and welcome to SMF!
  7. Hi Scarbelly, Good to meat you :)
  8. Hi BogHog1,

    Nice to meet someone local.

    I think this site and I are going to get along great !!

    Been smoking long ?
  9. Hi SmokinHusker,

    It's great to see so many people from all these different locations.

    It's also great to get different perspectives and ideas from people in different areas.

    I see you're a "master of the pit", I take you've been doing it a while then.

    good to meet you !
  10. Not very and prior attempts were not what I would consider smoking after reading through these threads [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]to the party.
  12. Thanks Alelover !!
  13. Boghog1, what are you using for your smoker ?

    Do you use charcoal or lumpwood ?

    I started out using charcoal but I now only use lumpwood, I find it lights easier and produces a LOT less ash.

    A friend of mine just brought in to work some smoked pastrami he did last week and it was fantastic.

    wanna guess what I'll be throwing in the smoker next ? :)
  14. HLGoldens, I now use a homebuilt UDS, prior to my most recent pork butt I generally ended up with stuff that was cooked too tough or over smoked, but thanks to this site my last pork butt turned out very tasty although I am sure as I go on they will get better. I use lump charcoal (cowboy brand) I need to do some ribs next I think. again the first time I did them they were over cooked and over smoked, my turkeys don't come out too bad but I think the skin protects them.
  15. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Welcome aboard, Henry!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  16. Thanks Venture, appreciate the welcome !!
  17. rabbithutch

    rabbithutch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Howdy, from Texas, neighbor!

    I'm fairly new here and new to smokin' but this is where it's at!
  18. Thanks Rabbithutch,

    It's great to connect with people who are passionate about smoking / food, whether new to smoking or having a lot of smokes under their belt. 

    So thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hi !!
  19. Welcome Henry.......[​IMG].........Lots of great people on this site....You need help just ask. You will get plenty of responses within usually hours....[​IMG]
  20. Thanks RTBBQ2,

    I have been on here just a short time and can already see how nice the folks are around here !!

    I have been smoking for about 10 years and seeing all the new things on here has really renewed my enthusiasm for smoking and trying new things.

    So thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I can already tell you're one of the folks that makes this site great !!!

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