Road trip from California to Alabama and back need lots of barbecue joint location suggestions

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We plan to hit all the Central Texas places like Goldie’s Blacks Austin, Snows etc.
Goldie’s on Sunday to avoid the line is the tale.

We considered the Amtrack and rent a car but GMC came through with our ‘24 truck finally and we’ll RV it instead with the trailer.
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Man that is a beauty of a truck!

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Shoot me a shirt size and addy on the PM. I‘ll fix ya up.
I thought it was really really good. I think they thought I was crazy. On the drive up there I was looking at the menu showed you can order by the half pound or pound. I was going to sit in the restaurant but you can only order that way to go.
So I ordered a half pound of brisket, half pound of pulled pork, half pound of smoked turkey, Cooked sausage, pigtails a couple of deviled eggs and some lemon box pie I think that’s all I ordered but it seems like I’m missing something lol. Also got some rub barbecue sauce and went to buy a shirt but they were out of my size. Pulled pork was really good smoked turkey was fantastic. I would definitely be a lot fatter if I lived anywhere close! Thanks to Jim L for the recommendation sorry I couldn’t meet up with you.
Man I could eat a dozen of those eggs by myself!

Man that is a beauty of a truck!

Didn’t cost us a dime. GM lemon lawed our 2020. Couldn't have afforded it otherwise.
We bought a new 2015 at a HUGE discount and struggled through the payment. It was tough. worked all the overtime I could get, wife too.

Then traded it in on the 2020 that was discounted and they gave us more than we paid for the 2015.
That was a tough monthly payment too, though only the difference after the trade in and discount.

The 2020 had lots of breakdowns left us stranded everywhere. Covered by warranty. Service managers at the dealers advised us to stall the Lemon law process,,,, the 2024's,, those problems are cured. Hold out for one of those.

So GM gave us a check and a 2024. Paid off the kids college with the check and have a decent truck, I hope. Drives entirely different and way more power than the 2020.
I'm told to carry a 10mm wrench and if the 2024 goes into walk or bricks on us, disconnect the battery and reconnect,, it resets the codes.

Better than the problems we had with the 2020.

Ford had the issues our 2020 had and solved it 8 years ago. Evidently GM didn't learn from that.
I wanted to switch to a F450, but had to play the hand I was delt.

I'm embarrassed to show the window sticker that was on the truck. How in the world can anyone afford these rides? For us, dumb luck.
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Wife’s got two weeks off coming up.
We may head to central Texas.

Goldie’s is to BBQ smoked meats lovers like Mecca to the Arabs, wailing wall to the Jews, Wrigley field to baseball fans, Gettysburg to Civil War buffs.

Then Blacks Austin, and though not a BBQ joint, and Bob Wills bus is no longer there, hit the Chicken Fried Steak at the Broken Spoke. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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