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Reverse flow smoker build help

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by C.D., Jul 5, 2018.

  1. C.D.

    C.D. Newbie

    Id like to build a reverse flow smoker out of a propane tank it is 30"x150' o need help on the opening sizes.
    The calculator gives some help but some numbers like exhaust camber size look huge using an 8 " pipe
  2. 150 feet?
  3. C.D.

    C.D. Newbie

    Sorry Pete, my fingers sometimes don't work right. No it's 150 inches.
  4. That's a 275 gallon tank. 8" stack ~22"
  5. C.D.

    C.D. Newbie

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  6. C.D.

    C.D. Newbie

    Tank inside is 29.25"×150"
    According to the calculator it's 436.33
    100793.818 cubic in.
    It gives 403.175 for a FB/CC opening and RF plate end opening.
    I am having trouble with the FB/CC opening, and position of the RF plate compared to the door and racks.
  7. I must have entered the wrong numbers. Sorry.

    My Tank Volume Calcs are here: https://planetcalc.com/5185/

    Throat Calcs are here: https://planetcalc.com/5155/

    Your throat opening (FB to CC) is way too large. For a 425 gal tank you should be ~288 sq.in.

    Typically the top of the FB is the BP height if you're using a square shaped FB. I come up with a 13" high cut-out. That only leaves a couple inches to the lower grate because the tank is so long. Have you thought of shortening it?
  8. C.D.

    C.D. Newbie

    I had but would rather not
    No, but I've thought about just having 1 rack instead of 2
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