Reverse Flow Plate/Baffle Placement Help

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cowboy andy

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Feb 6, 2010
Southwest Oklahoma
Does anyone know how to calculate where (how high from bottom of tank) to place the reverse flow plate/baffle? It seems to me that if you calculate the sizes of your firebox, plate gap and chimney size, that the area below ( and above) the reverse flow plate/baffle would be important too. We're about to start building a new competition rig and want it to be the best it possibly can be. Thanks.
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My understanding is that your plate should be high enough to give the same area as the opening of the firebox/cook chamber and plate gap.  So if you have a 120 square inch opening from your fb to cook chamber, the area under a given portion of your tank should be the same.  If you're using a cylindrical tank (like a propane tank) and a square fb, it should be about at the upper opening of the fb.  There is a website that will help you figure this.  Plug in your tank radius and the height of a segment (possible distance above bottom of tank for plate) and keep messing with it until you approximate your square inches needed.  Hope this helps.    ...  

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