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Reseasoning Cast Iron Pan, What Did I do Wrong?


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Did you invert the skillet while seasoning ?? You know, cooking side down ?? Maybe the oil was too thick to season properly and an "un hardened" layer was next to the cast iron...
I started cooking side down, then flipped as I did each coat. I did very light layers though.

Anyways I know I started this thread some time ago to I will just give a quick update as to what happened. I stripped the pan down to bare metal with a grinder and wire wheel. After that I found a great deal on brand new Lodge 10" pan for $5 at a garage sale so I started using that one. The cabela's pan got put into the garage to sit until I found the time to re season it and then I ultimately forgot about it until last week...... when I found it full of mouse crap and rust. Even though I could probably clean it with the wire wheel again and sterilize it for re seasoning I think I'm just going to take it out to the farm and hang it beside the gongs on the rifle range.


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hang it beside the gongs on the rifle range.
Find time to bring it back , or find someone who would like to do it . One shot and it's pieces anyway .
For now , sand the rust off ( don't use the wire wheel ) oil it up and store it in a plastic bag .


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You really should strip it back down and then re-season it.
And yes, the more I research the flaxseed oil seasoning method and associated issues, the more I'd avoid that method and stick with just using Crisco followed by daily use if possible.

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