Reheating BBs

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Dec 14, 2010
Merry Christmas to all. Yesterday I smoked 6 racks of baby backs to make some room in my freezer for some deer meat. I cut each rack in half and vacuum sealed them in 1 gallon vac bags. I would like to give most of them as gifts and would like to include instructions on the best way to reheat them. Could they be reheated in the microwave? Do you need to punch a hole in the bag before cooking? How long and at what setting to heat two halves of a rack of BBs? Is there a better way to reheat them as so they don't dry out? Thanks.

You can reheat them as you describe in the microwave and yes a whole in the bag is necessary.  I  prefer to put the bags in a pot of hot/low boiling water.  This works really well and conserves moisture of the meat.  If you are really worried about dryness then you can foil them with some apple juice then into oven until hot.
I would go with anything but the nuke.  I try not to nuke anything.  I think the best way to get the best quality would to be to let them defrost in the fridge, then heat in the oven as Bear55 described.
When I smoke ribs, I always make more than we need, so we can save some for weeknight meals. I reserve the juices from the foil (my favorite method is Johnny Trigg style) and vaccum seal the dinner size portions of ribs with the juices. When thawed open the vac bags and we reheat with the juices on a stiff baking sheet in the oven @ 400 for 10-15 min till they are hot. Also, when I plan to have leftovers for freezing, I cut 30-45 min off of smoking time, so as to ensure the ribs do not get too soft after reheating. I like tender ribs, but you can get them over done.

Incidentally I have found it is easier to seal, thaw, and reheat if you cut up the ribs before vaccum sealing and freezing them, but sealing half/whole racks works too. I Have always had good luck with freezing and reheating ribs.

I find the reheating process to intensify the flavors, like eating Casorle left overs, they always taste better the 2nd day.

Also, I have had good results with freezing and reheating pulled pork, save and seal with the juices here as well. Frozen pulled pork thaws fast, so it can be great help when you need a quick meal during the week. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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