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  1. bigsteve

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    Thinking about smoking some Flounder for someone in a couple of weeks. I eat almost no fish myself. I can however follow a recipe, and I know what a fish looks like when it's ready on the grill. This wouldn't be cold smoking. It would be cook it and eat it now.

    That said. Some recipes I've seen call for smoking a fish at 175* for 6 hours. That runs up a red flag in my mind. I'm used to beef and pork in the smoker, and it makes me wonder about the 140* threshold for bacteria. Is it the same for fish? You have to get it through the "zone" within a certain amount of time? 175* makes me nervous.

    Oh yeah. Is the fish going to stink up my smoker for the next smoke? Phew.....
  2. tasunkawitko

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    steve - the fish won't stink up your smoker.

    as for the 175 for 6 hours - thats more of a cool or cole smoking technique - according to the BBQFAQ, you want to do it at 250 for two hours, depending of course on thickness of fish, outside temps, wind etc.
  3. bigsteve

    bigsteve Master of the Pit

    Thanks Ron. I read the BBQ FAQ once, but must have lost the link. Is this the one you referance from time to time?
  4. irish

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    Hi Steve, I do eat a lot of fish so here's what I would suggest: Flounder and other white flesh seafood has very little or no fat at all so a long smoke would dry it out. I prefer the higher heat of a grill for white flesh. Use a little butter or oil on your fillets. If the fillets are less than 1/2" thick, use the Release foil to keep it from sticking and falling apart. To flip the fish, just lift the edge of the foil and roll the fillet over. For a great smoke flavor from the gas grill, put a chunk of wood on the grate and squeeze down a piece of foil on top of it so it smoulders but doesn't flame up. Good luck.
  5. tasunkawitko

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    steve - yep, that's it. here below is a link that you can use to download the FAQ in word format. it is a ZIP file but a safe one as i ahve downloaded it on several computers with no problems.

    downlaod it, save it to your desktop or somewhere and refer to it often. almost everything i know about Q has come from there and/or this site.

    good luck!

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