Question Regarding Propane Hook-Up

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by guinness, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. guinness

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    I just bought a Vault Propane Smoker and wanted to know if I would need a regulator between the hook-up on the side of my house and the smoker. I bought a Gas Conversion Kit and it looks almost identical to the one I use for my Weber grill, which doesn't have a regulator and works fine. The supplied fuel to the house is propane.

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  2. chef_boy812

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    there is a little brass part with a tiny hole in it called an oraface. Just make sure the one you have is for LP and not natural gas. you should be good. I would still keep a regualtor on the unit. they have a flame back aresstor in it. for safety sakes, you don't want to blow the house up.
  3. guinness

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    Okay, I think I'll add that regulator. My wife would have a problem with me smokin' the house instead of dinner.

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