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Aug 18, 2013
Grove, Ok
I cooked a pork butt the other day. I set the MES40 at 225* it ran between 235* to 245* no big deal cause I used my maverick. but once the meats IT hit 170* the MES kept going to 255*-260* is this because the meat was hotter than when I stared?
When i set my MES 40 to 205 it is 220. The meat probe is about 3* off . Thats why everything i was smoking got done so fast! Set it to 220 and it was @ 250. I also believe the longer you go , the warmer the meat, the warmer the i do watch it so it doesnt go to high. I really am trying to do low and slooowww.

I figured I'd use this thread since it's about temps and all. 

I'm currently at 174deg center butt temp on my pork  so...  bout 3/4 done.  I have the IT stuck in it and my new Maverick ET733.  So far the built in and the Maverick have run pretty much neck and neck...  maybe a deg or so off from each other.  I'm pretty happy with that.  The other temp probe is just laying loose on the center shelf with the butt.  I have the controls set to 235deg however the loose probe reads cornsiderably less.  When I set the MES to 235, should I expect 235ish or is the second probe more accurate and maybe I should increase the controls a bit?  meanin, Should I raise the temp to get the secondary probe up to 235? 

Hope this wasn't too cornfusing to read.  Regardless, the butt is in the foil and I'm waiting for 190ish.  Then it's gotta rest a bit so looking like an 2300ish pork pullin (I got a late start)

Thanks fer yer help!!

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I just tested the temps of my MES30 and digital display seemed to closely match my two thermometers in the smoker. I had one probe hanging up high and the other probe near the heat source. The one near the heat source was reading a lot higher compared to the one up high. I moved the one near the heat source near the middle of the smoker and it was within 5 degrees of the MES digital display. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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