Question about Brisket

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Feb 13, 2006
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As I know there are some brisket lovers out there I'm hoping I get good response to my question. I was pondering the meat case the other day and saw something new to me. It was a partial brisket. I'm used to seeing them whole, usually a packer cut. This however looked more like someone had cut both ends off and trimmed the fat cap away, almost like a brisket flat but not the whole flat, if that makes any sense. Has anyone else ever seen this. If they have, have you had any success smoking it. I'm a bit concerned that the lack of fat on a brisket cut would result in tought and dry meat. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd like to try this because it was only about two lbs and that would be perfect for the number of people we serve without having tons of leftovers.

Lady J, what you're describing sounds like a brisket that has been trimmed up for use as a Pot Roast. Since the all important fat cap has been severely trimmed away, I wouldn't use it for smoking. If you brine or inject brine into it and smoke it you will end up with a pastrami like product.
Sounds like somebody needs a foodsaver.
I love leftovers!
Leftovers are great and I have found many uses for them but there is only so much of a good thing you can eat (crazy as it sounds I know). So as long as I'm just cooking for two (ocassionally four) I think I'll stick to the smaller cuts. The other thing that got me thinking about that brisket roast was the benifit to the budget. But as it is obviously not a cut for smoking I'll just keep searching. Thanks for the advice dutch, I would have hated to have a bad experiance with one of my favorite foods.
Lady J,
Just one other thought. I found a wonderful dispostion for left over brisket pieces. I cooked up a batch of Florida Jeff's chilli (his recipe is on our forum). Included in it was some left over brisket pieces. The chili was absolutely wonderful. It's worth cookin up a large brisket just to use th left overs in Jeff's chilli recipe. I had six friends over the night I cooked up trhe chilli and they are still clamoring for a repeat. Just thinking of it makes me want to go for a repeat. I think I will ...... I highly recommend it!!!
You can smoke that little brisket... I'd smoke it for a couple of hours and then foil it with a bit of beef broth, beer or ya might add a bit of coffee... (yes I said coffee) until it tenders up for ya... Maybe not the tradiontal brisket, but I'd bet it'd be good eats anyway...

I also make additive freezer bags (Or Brian bags as my wife calls them.). I will use sandwich sized zip lock bags and put brisket or pulled pork in them. This way when I make homeade baked beans I have yummy additives to put in it. If I am being lazy I will use Busch's baked beans and throw a bags worth in it for something different.

Just a though along the lines of the chili post.

Take care,

When cooking brisket for a shop party, family gathering or other catering type of gig, I prefer to cook flats as there is less mess at serving time. Problem is, the trimmed flats are $4 per #. So I buy packers, cut the point off and save them for myself. I can trim the flats as much or as little as I like and I only pay $1.28/#. And those points are ssooooo gooood!!

I do the scraps in a bag for beans etc too. A bit of pulled pork in green beans is very tasty and a lower fat, lower sodium alternative to bacon.
I agree with ya Scott! The point is the best part of the brisket! When ever I'm cooking a bunch of briskets for others, I will lop off a couple of points and reserve them just for me!

Here is what ya do. I had the same problem a few weeks ago. You do have a trimmed brisket flat. The lack of fat is not a complete disaster. Just put bacon on it, or go to your local meat market and get some beef fat and layer it on top.

I didn't get the message about it in time when I smoked mine, as I didn't know what to do either. I used lots of apple juice on mine (4 of them) and they turned out pretty good. I think the beef fat would have helped. When I foiled mine at 170 degrees, I had made some beef bouilon and put abt a quarter of a cup in each one as I wrapped it.

The guys I work with (a total of 19) loved it.

I would smoke it......

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