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  1. theses smokes were from ones that I did this year from help with people on here.  So I want to thank everyone for your input and support.

    Sorry I forgot about these  this was Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at work that I grilled up for everyone.  16oz ribeyes  my favorite from a great butcher in Denver.

    Tri-Tip which is my favorite to smoke but hard to find in Colorado.  Cornbeef for St.Patty's day and chicken breast.


    My Smoker getting ready.  I now only use Kingsford blue bag for shorter smokes and The Good-One Lump.  I didn't really like the green egg lump and I get 20# bags of The Good-One Lump for $14 and green egg lump was $25 for 20#

    This was an oops on my part by putting too much wood chunks on at once and not giving it time.  With the suggestions from posts on this site I now get TBS consistantly.  So thanks for the help

    Right out of the smoker.  Sorry I don't go off of time I go off of IT.  When I smoke That's all I do that day and I will keep the temps between 225 and 275.  I know its a big range but where I live in Colorado I'm at 6700 feet and in a valley so if anyone knows about weather in CO you know the weather changes every 20 minutes.  It never fails the wind kicks up everytime I get the smoker ready.

    Cornbeef all done.  It was fantastic.  I'll deffinately be smoking more of these.  One question though.  It was extreamly salty and I'm not a huge fan of a ton of salt.  What can I do to help cut down on the salty tast when I smoke anotherone?

    chicken breast, Tri-Tip, boudin and chicken wings.  Still trying to figure out the chicken wings.  The first batch I ever did were my best and not thinking I didn't write anything down so now to keep trying.  Boy they still are awesome that's the fun of smoking  trying new things.  Thank you all for looking.  My next smoke will be some BB ribs and herb rubbed Chicken rolls with Roasted red peppers and spinach.  Happy smoking to you all.
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    Nice lookin Q ! Thumbs Up
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    Nice ,Klgoofster . Nice bunch of Rib Steaks (my fav. ) and the Wings , Tri-tip and Corned Beef, Too[​IMG]. Keep it up we like to drool [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and . . .
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    Klgoofster Thats some nice looking food bet it taste great. To get the salt out of the Corn Beef soak it for a few hours in cold water. I soak mine over night and make Pastami out of it.

  5. Thanks Tropics I'll give that a try next time I smoke a cornbeef.  Also how do you make pastrami out of it?  My wife loves pastrami.  Thanks everyone else too.  I'll try and do more Q-views.  I know people love them and they certainly help me out on some of my smokes.
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    1 4 to 5 lb. Corned Beef

            Rub Mix
    4  Tbs Coarse Black Pepper

    2  Tbs  Ground Corriander

    1  Tbs   Paprika
     Mix these 3 together (you can add garlic ,onion , brown sugar). I like the plain 3

    Yelow Mustard for coating the meat

     Wood I used Alder Pellets

    Prepare your Corn Beef by soaking it over night in a large pot of cold water.
    Use Stainless Steel or Glass bowl to keep from having a reaction from the salt in the meat.

    Drain and rince, paper towel dry it, trim off almost all the fat.

    Place meat on rack apply a coat of the mustard, both sides then cover the meat with the dry rub.

    place meat in fridge for a hour or 2

    Prepare your smoker 225* F use a good meat Thermometer heavy smoke for the first hour.
     Meat should be cooked about an hour per pound. When it reaches  195* it is done enough to start
     testing with a toothpick. Remove from smoker wrap in foil refrigerate 12 hrs enjoy

     UMM UMM Good

       Klgoofster Sorry for the delay in posting the Pastrami.

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    Looks GREAT. That meat looks done to perfection
  8. Thanks I'll give this a try and post some pics if I remember the camera.
  9. Thanks everyone I try.  Boy the food is awesome even on meat I mess up.  That's the joy of learning this art.

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