Pulled pork kamado style with enough q-veiw to test your bandwidth

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by onewondershow, May 4, 2013.

  1. The plan is to dry rub 2 butts from Costco with Jeff's rib rub and let them sit in the fridge until tonight when I will put them in the kamado for an overnight smoke while hopefully I get some sleep.

    Here is my setup

    Smoker: Vision classic kamado

    Charcoal: Cowboy/Kingsford competition

    Wood:3 chunks Hickory/ 2 chunks apple

    2x Maverick ET-732

    1:00 PM I rubbed both butts with Frenches yellow mustard and applied the rub liberally. Wrapped in plastic and will let it sit in the fridge till tonight.

    1:30 pm I prepared my kamado which included cleaning out the ashes and loading it with a combination of cowboy lump and kingsford competition briquettes, apple and hickory chunks

    If everything goes according to plan I will put both butts on tonight around 11:30Pm-12 midnight and update this as I go.
  2. rdknb

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    Looks like a good paln
  3. sounds like a plan. why do you mix charcol and lump? i use lump and a couple of chunks in my BGE.

    happy smoken.

  4. my last butt went just over 15 hours in the BGE at 225 - 240 deg.

  5. I Am using both because lump is hard to find in big bags for a good price here and costco sells competition bags 2x18 pound bags for less than 20$. Recently i learned my nearest bjs carries frontier 38 pound bags for around 20$ so i will be picking up 1 of them to see if i like it as ive seen mixed reviews. Honestly the kingsford are great both for low and slow and high heat. They do produce a bit more ash but i just nock it down and shopvac it out evry couple cooks or right before any long cook like tonight. the competition ones have no chemicals so i dont worry about using it the food tastes great.
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    Looks good so far....waiting for the updates. Your lucky your Costco stocks the competition bricks....not all do. I can get them as well here in Oregon and have good luck with them.....full burn, good even heat and chemical free. I always buy one near the end of summer to get me through the winter ques b4 they run out of stock.....nobody else here carries them.
  7. 9:00PM    OK , I started the kamado early to give me a while to dial the temp in and to let it come up slow. Here is how I usually start my kamado. I put about 20 briquettes in my Weber chimney and then put it on the propane burner from my masterbuilt  7in1. Forgot to use the flash on those pics but you get the point. The coals are well lit in less than 2 minutes and then dumped into the center of my kamado.

    Next I put my vision heat deflector rack in but i use the kamado Joe heat deflector in it, instead of the lava stone from vision.

    After this I put the 2 stainless steal racks on because the bottom one will hold the drip pans to cut down on the mess from the drippings.

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    Looks great....you should be carefull about posting these things in progress & before the food is ready lest you end up with a yardfull of unplanned guests ;)
  9. 15 pounds of pork you'd be welcome. Almost time to put the meat on. 
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    Lookin' good so far...[​IMG]

  11. 10:00PM butts come out of the fridge

    As you can see one of them is much bigger than the other

    10:30 PM they go onto the cooker

    3:00am the smaller of the 2 butts is done and is wrapped in foil and thrown into a cooler to rest until it's bigger brother is ready but that's going to be a while as it's only at about 170 on the maverick.

    The bark looks and tastes great. See the little piece that fell of when I pulled it off sitting in the foil, yeah that never made it into the cooler. yum yum yum

    Will update later when the second one comes off and then with the finished product.
  12. HHere's butt number 2 after a nearly 4 hour stall, it's now 11 hours in and it's now at 178 still not really climbing considering it sat @176 the whole time. My patience is being tested on this one. I know it's done when it's done and I'll wait it out. I did kick the heat up a bit .She's holding steady at about 275 .I do have to say I love my kamado,im 12 hours in from when i started it and havent had to add any fuel.
  13. [​IMG]nice color.

    happy smoken.

  14. So here is the first butt being pulled after a 2 hour rest in a cooler.

    Forgot to add butt #2 just came off the grill and is now resting in a cooler and the wife will pull it while I'm sleeping becuase I have to be up at 10pm for work. Butt #2 total time on the grill was around 18 hours which is by far my longest cook. not sure why this one took so long but I'm sure it will be worth it.
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  15. looks great.

    the last butt i did had a long stall.

    happy smoken.

  16. Looks great....Awesome job!......................[​IMG]
  17. Here's the second butt after it came out of the cooler. the meat was juicy and tender and just melted in your mouth like butter.The crust was just fantastic, it may take longer but after my last two cooks where I Didn't foil until the rest,.I have to say unless time was a factor I don't think I will foil again. 

  18. Yup, I don't foil any longer. The extra bark is always a bonus...[​IMG]
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    I have to say those look great, and I just got my WSM this spring and I have never foiled a pork butt out of the 3 ive done and all have turned out great, I dont plan on foiling ever, I do foil though and wrap in towels and cooler then for an hour or so as recommended. everyone seems to approve. I have used blues hog for the sauce though and to me its way to sweet to be used as a sauce for pulled pork so I need to find another sauce or finishing sauce.
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    Yep that bark looks delicious....I''ll foil (sometimes )to get past the stall but take it out to harden it back up.  If i have the time and patience i'll go no foil because that bark is soooooo good mixed into the pull!

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