Propane temp control with a GE WB20K10013 oven temp control

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  1. I saw a thread somewhere someone used an oven GE WB20K10013 modulating temperature control for a gas smoker. I thought it was in SMF, but I'm not sure and cannot find it now and the search doesn't give me anything.

    Anyway what I am trying to find out is: does the GE WB20K10013 oven modulating temp control valve work with propane? If anyone can help I appreciate it!
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    I have no experience with that particular controller, but most systems I have worked with the only difference is the size of the orifice in the burner. Many appliances have had both orifices and you then just trim the air control for proper flame.

    You can always check with an appliance installers like the ones who contract with Lowes or Home depot to install for them.

  3. Yes, I was just reading a short article and I believe it was an appliance guy. He explained the difference in burner orifices on a kitchen range and said that a LP orifice was smaller. I am going to get this valve and give it a go.
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    That's good, keep us updated on how it all comes out.


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