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    Ok a couple things I have done with my GOSM propane smoker to make it even better.

    1. the top vent has tabs that keep it from closing all the way, I bent them up so it can close all the way. This gives me better venting control and it helps.

    2. I cut 1 inch off the wire chip pan rack legs so it is shorter and now I can use a coffee can in place of the chip box even with the water pan in place. This also helps it smoke much faster. I use the chip box lid on the coffee can to prevent flame ups.

    3. I replaced the regulator with a adjustable regulator so I can better control gas flow for lower temps on warm days.

    4. I mounted casters to a metal plate and then set the smoker and propane tank on the dolly so I can wheel it around for easy storage in the garage and easy out in the drive for quick use without having to disconnect and reconnect the tank to move it.

    5. I mounted a wooden rack on the side with screws to hold items that I like to keep handy. Hot mitts, meat thermometer , cold beer, ect.

    6. I took a vent off the top of a old Weber grill and cut into the side of my GOSM and mounted it on the side near the bottom for additional venting when needed.

    Anyone got any other improvements send them my way.
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    I like this idea. I know all the various temperature control threads and my shelf mod (OK, I didn't post it in this thread, oops) are not apparent anymore. It appears at least the GOSM could support its own folder of mods.
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    Ran out of propane the other day while smoking a couple butts and I got mad.
    So today I used CSST flex gas line and ran a line to the garage from the house propane line. Installed a mounting plate a T and two shut off valves, then added two rubber extension hoses and a couple quick disconnects and bingo no more grill tanks to run out at the wrong time and now more gas wasted going to get them filled. Just roll out the smoker or grill and plug in the hose and it now draws off the 500gal house propane tank. Saves money too as the local propane company charges $2.89/gal to fill grill tanks and the price for the house tank is locked in at $2.29 till next June 1st.
  4. Hey all....
    As a
    to using my 32
    and holes punched for more
    -Check digital thermo (smiles). I find I have a problem keeping the cook temp in the 225 range while smoking a brisket and turkey together. Only way so far has been to open the side door and keep the (portable gas grill burner) used for the conversion on the lowest setting. Has anyone come up with something in the lid perhaps to heat in the chamber? [​IMG][​IMG] I'm thinking possibly something by removing the (usless) round temp guage that comes with the original charcoal unit and using it as some sort of vent. With the door open approx. 3" I can maintain the 225 but seems a better method might be used. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Thanks a bunch from Sunny Libby, Mt. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. After leaving many (I mean a lot)bags of charcoal in the rain, and trying to maintain a good temp without a temp spike, I finally changed over to propane. I have a Charbroil Horz, The cheap one ,the conversion cost 40 bucks or so and some stuff I had laying around, I got a Cast iron low pressure burner and a Low pressure reg from Academy Sports $25, Flow control Ebay $10, Misc hardware Lowes $5. I use cheap tin bread pans covered in foil for the smoke, I can vary the temp from 220 to +360 degs. Here's a pick of a Nice Pork Butt That I pulled.
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    Here is my two mods so far.
  7. Converted my Brinkman smokin pit side fire box charcoal smoker to propane with the set up from, it's great, it fits right in there, only mod I had to do was to cut a slot in the firebox door and upper lip to allow the gas line to run outside the box. This is great, I can come home from work, lite the grill, set the temp, put in my can of wood for smoke and be smoking in 20 minutes, leave alone, have a few cold ones and ready to eat in hour or so, to smoke some steaks and fish. On longer smokes, lite it, set it, start smoke and chill, only need to add more smoke wood every 2 hours or so depending how much smoke flavor you want.

    Thanks to this thread for the info of that web site.

    I'll get some updated pics of my smoker to post.

    I did the horizontal mods, extentended smoke chamber tube, tuning plate, heat plates, thermometers etc. when I first got the smoker. It's nice, set it and not worry of temperatures, just a turn of a knob will do it.
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  10. Hey Maui:
    I'm thinkin of converting my New Braunfels sfb with the setup too. One question: do you think it would be worth it to put an expanded steel grate over the burner and cover it with lava rocks? Just to diffuse and multiply some of the heat? I think I've read about someone doing this with a gas-converted offset. I don't know, whadaya think?[/quote]

    I think that will work just fine, matter of fact that would work out great for control the amount of smoke cause with the conversion from it comes assembled with a heavy duty grate above the burner and sits halfway up in the firebox at the main grill opening and for the smoke you set a juice can with your smoke wood inside if it over the fire in the cut in the grate that's there, that makes alot of smoke quick being right over the fire, I had to cover the can with foil and poke a pinky size hole in the foil to try to "slow" the smoke action for a more TBS. So my next smoke I was thinking to set the smoke can more on the side of the flame vs directly on top of it for slower smolder of the wood for the smoke action, if you like lot of smoke no problem this set up you got it. With that in mind I think that lava rock will be a great idea, I think it would retain some heat so you can set the fire on a lower flame to save on the propane and be able to set your smoke can anywhere in the fire box as well for a good smoke control.

    I think I might give that lava rock a try sometime, if you do yours first let me know how that worked out.
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    I use lava rock in my water pan when I do jerky. It does diffuse the heat and it acts as a heat sink. That's really all it does. It works well. It won't multiply the heat. I don't think anything does that shy of turning the heat up.
  12. Ok, What about some pieces of fire brick placed in the firebox, think that might retain some heat?, or does the fire brick go better if placed inside the cooking chamber?

    In Hawai'i we use larger size Lava rocks when we cook in the ground pit (imu), we start a big volocano looking fire with mesquite wood in the middle forming a peak and all the large lava rocks we call puka puka rocks suround the wood to form a volcano peak, light the wood, it heats up about 2-4 hours and the rocks get red hot, then you spread it out, put on the banana and ti leaves to give some steam, put your pig in on top of it and bury it up and let it go for 10-12 hours or so depending on size. And when it comes out you have the best smoked tasting pulled pork, yes it just fall off the bones, just remove the bones and shred the meat with your hands, good stuff. I guess they don't have the right kind of lava rock that gets red hot like the ones we use back home, I might have to go get me some on my next trip home. Come to think of it the lava rocks I see here is lighter and more porus and I can see how that type of lava rock would not hold heat. The kind I'm talking about is more like a large river rock so to speak with lot's of holes in it, so it's got some weight to it and gets red hot like coals.
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    Don't spend the money on them fire brick, good ol cheap concreate pavers do the same thin. Got four in the bottom a mine an work great.
  14. I tried one of those cheap walmart hotplates as a replacement in my small electric sausage maker/smoker and the darn thing wouldn't get hot enough to make the chips smoke. Sure glad I bought 2 of em, neither of which worked. Perhaps a better built American model would work better.
  15. I have a smoke hollow and have added wood stove seal to the door to seal up smoke loss and added vents to control temp
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    This is a very cheap green char-brolier h2o smoker I changed to propane. If sitting it on a two burner coleman stove counts as a mod.

    Anyway it works great, I've smoked chicken, pork loins,chuck roasts, meatloafs, sausage, and bacon. My favorite so far is boneless skinless chicken thighs.
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    Has anybody done any mods to a Weston vertical propane smoker? Just got one and ready to play with it till I find the exact combination of toys to make it put the meat in, self light, and cut it up and serve it on a plate for me. Wish me luck. HA
    Westion Stainless Steel 36inch verical propane smoker
  18. Got any pics of your rig with the bricks?
  19. Thought I'd post a picture of my sausage hanging bars I added to my GOSM BB. This is simply 3/8" allthread with a nut on the inside of the box and a nylock on the outside of the box. It holds solid as can be. Add some S-hooks and your off to the races. I can hang about 40 1-lb sticks on this setup with no flex at all.
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    Hey all. I have a Weston smoker I am getting ready to do the mod that started this thread. I have a few questions though. I assume I still run the gas line through the factory temp valve (for lack of correct verbage, the vavle I currently use to regulate temp). If this is so, I assume I would leave the valve wide open.

    I also plan to open the orfice some, as I currenlty have a hard time getting hot enough to cook chicken.

    Thanks for the help.

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